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ALIVE 2007

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Justice @ Terminal 5 – 10.20.2007

This epic night began with a surprise crowd warm-up set by the one and only Busy P. Highlights of his set include, SebastiAn’s H.A.L., Kraftwerk, and The White Stripe’s Icky Thump. The Midnight Juggernauts took the stage next and blew me away. They brought an epic rock vibe that could not be captured on their album, Dystopia. They had seamless transitions between their songs that included a cover of Justice’s Waters of Nazareth. They closed with an unreleased track called Blitzkrieg that reminded me of Giorgio Moroder meets King Crimson/Yes. Justice took the stage and ceased to amaze. Their set included heavy remixes of their repotoire that weaved in and out of each other. Phantom I & II and Stress were highlights for me. We are Your Friends ended with a Metallica sample that set the crowd off. For an encore they closed with Metallica’s Master of Puppets. The crowd continued to sing We are Your Friends for a good 5 mins until Gaspard and Xavier emerged on the balcony, Xavier climbed on the banister until Busy P came out to rescue him. I spotted Kanye on the side with So-Me taking photos with his camera phone and I was expecting him to bum rush the stage and steal the spotlight but he showed restraint and hid behind a pole most of the show. I missed out on Erol Alkan at Studio B after the show which sucks cause at 3 am Xavier made an appearance and spun for til 5 🙁

Kanye chillin with So-Me, Busy P & Justice backstage

Brooklynvegan Review

Angel & I feelin’ it hard.

Phantom Live

Justice – Stress (Live@Mezzanine – San Fransisco)

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MSTRKRFT @ STUDIO B – 10.19.2007

This past weekend was an epic dance party starting as soon as I stepped off the bus from Boston and into NYC. I got off the bus at 11 and decided to head into Brooklyn to see MSTRKRFT spin, and I had no idea what was in store. I got to Studio B as Lazaro Cassanova was finishing up his set. He spun nothing special but kept the crowd moving and of course he spun, D.A.N.C.E. Z-Trip was up next, the godfather of mash-ups and he spun a lot of Led Zeppelin, Enya?!, and mixed Pharoahe Monch’s Simon Says with GNR’s Paradise City. Z-Trip had a live drummer play with him the last 30 mins of his set which included Led Zeppelin’s Moby Dick with the entire drum solo. The whole live drummer and DJ thing lost its appeal quickly. Oh and he spun D.A.N.C.E. as well. Finally at 1 am MSTRKRFT took the stage and spun the hardest, rawest, dirtiest, Detroit-dance-city House ever created. MSTRKRFT’s entire East York/Toronto entourage was there with bottles of Crown Royal (talent juice/man drink) that kept MSTRKRFT spinning all night long. There was no time to stop dancing as they kept dropping the hardest beats throughout the night. Highlights include, JFK mixing Stardust’s Music Sounds Better with You with the MSTRKRFT track, Paris and an encore of a remix of Michael Jackson’s thriller. Armand Van Helden (once paid $120,000 to remix a track) made an appearance towards the end of the set. The best part of the night was the encore when everyone bum rushed the stage and MSTRKRFT snuck off to find more Crown Royal.

Armand Van Helden

All photos taken by Angel Perez

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Daryl Hall & Robert Fripp!!!

Daryl Hall – Sacred Songs

Excuse me as I find this album. I must listen.

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My favorite Ratatat track, the harmonized gutiar and organ is so metal. It is also Thomas Bangalter’s favorite track by them which is why he spun it at the Louis Vuitton fashion show.

Ratatat – Lex

This Ratatat track reminds me of Neu!’s Michael Rother’s solo music meets The Fucking Champs.
Ratatat – Germany To Germany

The illest Ratatat remix.
Notorious B.I.G. – Party and Bullshit

Dr. Dre is finishing up his “final” album, Detox and is planning to release it June 2008. He apparently spent 72 hours straight making beats. He is now working on the new Eminem and plans to lift weights, make beats, and spend time with his family. OG.

Simian Mobile Disco’s new Vid for “Hustler”, it is MSTRKRFT’s Easy Love meets Aphex Twin’s Windowlicker. Sexy.

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…Et Justice Pour Tous

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Klaxons – As Above, So Below (Justice Remix)

Klaxons – As Above, So Below (Justice Remix)

Justice has gone even more 80s disco on this track with the Reading Rainbow sounding synth and heavy slap bass. Soooo good. Rhythmically they are sticking to their usual heavy 1, 2, Kick, Snare beats. There is some great filtering during the bridge, a nod to the early French Touch producers.

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Daniel Vangarde

Daniel Vangarde was a famous French disco producer in the late 70s, producing tracks for The Gibson Brothers, including their hit “Cuba” and Ottawan’s hit “D.I.S.C.O.”. He is most famous for producing & writing, Le Monde Fabuleux Des Yamasuki “a fuzzed-out-educational-multi-cultural psych-rock-opera…. proto-psychedelic hip-hop with overweight drum beats and basslines” under the moniker, The Yamasuki Singers.



Gibson Brothers – Cuba

Ottawan – D.I.S.C.O.

The Yamasuki Singers – Yama Yama



Daniel Vangarde’s real name is Daniel Bangalter, father of Thomas Bangalter, a member of the duo Daft Punk. Vangarde helped on Daft Punk’s most famous album “Discovery”.


Oh and props to These Rocks Pop Much Love, Tim’s friend

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$9.6 million dollars earned from 1.2 million "free" downloads.

Radiohead’s Earnings

Even the humble Kanye is giving them props. Kanye’s Blog

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Dance, Dance, Dance, Dance, Dance to the Radio.



Photo by Anton Corbijn

New Order – The Perfect Kiss

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