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Justice x The Fucking Champs

I always saw Justice as taking two bastardized and opposing musical genres, Disco and Metal and fusing them together into this epic and energetic sound. Sprinkle on some good songwriting and catchy melodies and you have Justice, in a nutshell. It totally made sense for Justice to ask The Fucking Champs for a remix of their power rock single “Civilization”. I have always thought The Fucking Champs were the badass version of Ratatat and now here they are fulfilling their cock rock destiny by remixing Justice. Just remember that harmonized guitars will always be cool.

The Fucking Champs – Civilization (The Fucking Champs Remix)

The Fucking Champs teamed up with Trans AM to form The Fucking AM, one of the most epic bands to come about in the past decade. “Doing Research for an Autobiography” is the key track off their album “Gold” that epitomizes all things epic and feel good. Just imagine yourself driving in SoCal in the 80s in your Jeep with your surfboard and the wind in your hair, feelsgoodman.jpg

The Fucking AM – Doing Research for An Autobigraphy

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