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Vondelpark : Dracula

R&S Records’ boys, Vondelpark return with “Dracula” off their upcoming LP “Seabed”, to be released in February 2013. “Dracula” is a subdued track that is propelled by its RnB breakbeat, swarming reverb soaked back-up vocals and in your face crooning. Definitely a tune you just nod and vibe too.

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Vondelpark : TV

Vondelpark’s “nyc stuff and nyc bags ep” is one of the finest release from R&S Records this year. A collection of 5 songs that clock under 22 mins and take you on an introspective sonic journey. “TV” is the second track of this EP and is just as strong as the first release “Camels”.

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Vondelpark : Camels

R&S Records has gone through a gorgeous journey through the electronic music world. From releasing such classics such as Human Resources “Dominator” to CJ Bolland “Camargue” to Aphex Twin “Digeridoo” they have had everyone on their imprint. Just in the past year R&S has come back to life with acts like James Blake, Blawan and Cloud Boat, all adding a very contemplative and nostalgic element to their label. Vondelpark are another mysterious UK act that follows suit in Cloud Boat and James Blake’s emotional take on the “post-dubstep” genre. “Camels” is a beautiful, introspective piece that swims in reverb drenched guitar and vocals. Their ‘NYC Things And NYC Bags’ EP is to be released through R&S on July 18th.

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