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Space Dimension Controller : Welcome to Mikrosector-50

Space Dimension Controller is set to unleash his brand of Galactic-Funk on March 4 via R&S Records entitled “Welcome to Mikrosector-50”. The title tune is a full on new jack swing funk taken into hyperspace, quite a refreshing take on the funk genre that often is looked upon as a novelty sound to touch upon.

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Vondelpark : Dracula

R&S Records’ boys, Vondelpark return with “Dracula” off their upcoming LP “Seabed”, to be released in February 2013. “Dracula” is a subdued track that is propelled by its RnB breakbeat, swarming reverb soaked back-up vocals and in your face crooning. Definitely a tune you just nod and vibe too.

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Egyptian Hip Hop : Yoro Diallo

Egyptian Hip Hop debuts a second track from their upcoming LP “Good Don’t Sleep” entitled “Yoro Diallo”. It is a more straightforward and accessible tune than their first track “SYH”. Egyptian Hip Hop moves forward into a smooth jazz realm with “Yoro Diallo”, just imagine if Chick Corea jammed with Steely Dan in the late 80s – this would be a product of that session.

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Airhead : Pyramid Lake

Airhead readies his second release, “Pyramid Lake” on R&S Records which is a total flip from his previous Yeah Yeah Yeahs sampling release “Wait”. “Pyramid Lake” is propelled by a sluggish dub groove with a heavily chopped up sample that will suck you into its hypnotic vibes.

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Egyptian Hip Hop : SYH

Egyptian Hip Hop is back with their first single in two years since their Hudson Mohawke produced EP, “Some Reptiles Grew Wings”. “SYH” is a tune that delves deeper into their world of synth-pop, this time a little darker but still just as catchy with their lofty vocals. Egyptian Hip Hop has teamed up with R&S Records to release their debut album “Good Don’t Sleep” which is out
October 21.

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Teengirl Fantasy : Tracer LP

NYC’s Teengirl Fantasy is releasing their new LP with R&S Records and True twPanther August 21. It is a sonic journey that stops off in the land of House, R&B and all the electronic genres here and in between. Like past great House albums there are a slew of guest vocalist that appear on the album including Panda Bear, Romanthony and Kelela. Prepare yourself for this intriguing and physical electronic trip.

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RSMIX002 : Lone

Lone has crafted this beautiful journey of a mix that clocks in just under 42 minutes for his label, the prolific R&S Records. The first 4 minutes alone are worth the listen of this mix which he begins with a tune featuring Thom Yorke (that I need help identifying) into a tasteful remix of Aphex Twin’s “Windowlicker”. There is an unexpected but welcomed dive into some classic boogie/disco tunes that segue into some of Lone’s warm productions with a closing by an Evian Christ tune.

Download: RSMIX002 – Lone

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Bullion : Say Arr Ee

Bullion is set to release a new single “”Say Arr Ee” at the end of the month. He steps into a swirling world of sounds that are reminiscent of David Sylvian, Robert Fripp, Brian Eno & David Byrne work. Definitely a refreshing and interesting step for Bullion. Just let the sax solo wash over your body…

“Say Arr Ee / What Does She Know” is out on 30th January on R&S Records.

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Asian Dan Q&A : Cloud Boat

Cloud Boat first caught my ear with their tune “Lions on the Beach” which is finally getting its release on R&S Records this fall. Sam & Tom were kind enough to answer some questions about themselves and their music in hopes of painting a clearer picture of Cloud Boat, but I think their blurry and reverb soaked sounds are all you need to understand them.

RS1105 – Cloud Boat by R & S Records

Asian Dan Q&A : Cloud Boat

1. Who is Cloud Boat? How would you describe your music?

We’re Sam Ricketts and Tom Clarke, and we live in North London. Describing music with words is always difficult, even more so when it’s our own. We just try to make emotional music without constraints in a way that feels right.

2. What is your first musical memories?

Sam – My earliest memories include an assortment of children’s TV themes, video game soundtracks and 70s/80s compilation tapes in my Mum’s car. I’d say beginning to listen to and be involved with classical music were the first instances that began to shape who I feel am musically today.

Tom – One is my dad singing Irish songs at parties when I was young, it never embarrased or annoyed me and I always listened intently. Another being me and my sister recording ourselves trying to harmonise nursery rhymes and singing songs in weird accents onto tape with an old knackered stereo that I still have. We’ve both recently realised that we were really fucking weird.
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Vondelpark : Camels

R&S Records has gone through a gorgeous journey through the electronic music world. From releasing such classics such as Human Resources “Dominator” to CJ Bolland “Camargue” to Aphex Twin “Digeridoo” they have had everyone on their imprint. Just in the past year R&S has come back to life with acts like James Blake, Blawan and Cloud Boat, all adding a very contemplative and nostalgic element to their label. Vondelpark are another mysterious UK act that follows suit in Cloud Boat and James Blake’s emotional take on the “post-dubstep” genre. “Camels” is a beautiful, introspective piece that swims in reverb drenched guitar and vocals. Their ‘NYC Things And NYC Bags’ EP is to be released through R&S on July 18th.

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