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Asian Dan Q&A : Cloud Boat

Cloud Boat first caught my ear with their tune “Lions on the Beach” which is finally getting its release on R&S Records this fall. Sam & Tom were kind enough to answer some questions about themselves and their music in hopes of painting a clearer picture of Cloud Boat, but I think their blurry and reverb soaked sounds are all you need to understand them.

RS1105 – Cloud Boat by R & S Records

Asian Dan Q&A : Cloud Boat

1. Who is Cloud Boat? How would you describe your music?

We’re Sam Ricketts and Tom Clarke, and we live in North London. Describing music with words is always difficult, even more so when it’s our own. We just try to make emotional music without constraints in a way that feels right.

2. What is your first musical memories?

Sam – My earliest memories include an assortment of children’s TV themes, video game soundtracks and 70s/80s compilation tapes in my Mum’s car. I’d say beginning to listen to and be involved with classical music were the first instances that began to shape who I feel am musically today.

Tom – One is my dad singing Irish songs at parties when I was young, it never embarrased or annoyed me and I always listened intently. Another being me and my sister recording ourselves trying to harmonise nursery rhymes and singing songs in weird accents onto tape with an old knackered stereo that I still have. We’ve both recently realised that we were really fucking weird.

3. I feel like a theme of “Echoes” is a constant theme that pops up in your music whether it is production wise or in the songwriting. I hear so many sounds that “echo” and reminiscent of so many genres and songs that I can’t put my finger on. What is the musical goal of “Cloud Boat”?

Sam – I’m glad you find us reminiscent of many genres, as we’ve definitely never consciously written with certain idioms or genres in mind. I think what’s satisfying about effects like reverb, both live and in recording, is that they allow us freedom to mutate otherwise familiar sounds and textures into something new.

Tom – I think a sense of familiarity in songs is something I always look for and try to create. It creates a kind of warmth that you can’t explain with words. For a song to feel personal or familiar to someone I have never known is something I consider to be extremely special.

4. What are 5 songs that brought Cloud Boat together?

Converge – Jane Doe
Godspeed You! Black Emperor – The Dead Flag Blues
Joni Mitchell – Blue
Burial – Archangel
Gorecki – Symphony No. 3, Lento e largo

5. Who are some of your favorite artists today?

James Blake, Mount Kimbie, Airhead, Klaus, Actress, The Chain, Grouper, Catherine Okada, The Tallest Man On Earth, Slint, Ceremony, Why?, Mastodon, Grappler, Pink Floyd, Cult Cinema, Goodtime Boys, La Dispute, Seekae, Dark Sky, Ghosting Season.

6. Future Plans for Cloud Boat?

Write and record more songs, play more shows and grow bigger beards!

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