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Bibio : Télérama-Radio Mix

Mr. Bibio has been one of the most intriguing artists of the past few years with his talent for blurring genres while still producing something honest and fresh. Bibio crafted this exclusive 55 min mix for Télérama-Radio as a peak into some of the musical puzzle pieces that equal “Bibio”. There is a lot of his Warp Records peers (Clark, Aphex Twin, Squarepusher) on the mix alongside some Nick Drake, The Incredible String Band and nice surprise appearance by Led Zeppelin’s “No Quarter”.

Download: Bibio : Télérama-Radio Mix


Tracklist below…

Part. 1
Chris Clark, Pleen 1930s
Cocteau Twins, Heaven or Las Vegas
Led Zeppelin, No Quarter
The Incredible String Band, October Song
Squarepusher, Iambic 5 Poetry
Boards of Canada, Orange Romeda
The Incredible String Band, The Water Song

Part. 2
Chris Watson, Male Capercaillie Display, Caledonian Pine Forest
Nick Drake, Horn
Nick Drake, Things Behind The Sun
Bibio, Marram
Aphex Twin, Green Calx
Burial, Forgive
Aldous Huxley, from Speaking Personally…
Plone, On My Bus
Boards of Canada, Bocuma
(Contains audio excerpts from ‘Alan Watts – The Art of Meditation’ throughout mix)

My Favorite Incredible String Band tune, “Painting Box”

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