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Prefuse 73 : A.M.N.H P73 Set // Ms.Red Whine Mixxx

For those of you who missed Prefuse 73’s set at the American Museum of Natural History last Friday, fear not for the Mr. Prefuse and the gents over at COLT+RANE have got you covered. Here in it’s entirety is Prefuse 73’s A.M.N.H P73 Set aka Ms.Red Whine Mixxx – enjoy. Blog it off.

Download: Prefuse 73 : A.M.N.H P73 Set // Ms.Red Whine Mixxx

Prefuse 73: A.M.N.H MIX a.k.a Ms. RED WHINE MIX

1. Ayshay: Jemsheed (intro)
2. Clams Casino: Waterfalls
3. LiL B(Clams Casino inst.): Motivation
4. Two Inch Punch: Love You Up
5. Modeselektor: Berlin feat. Miss Platinum
6. MachineDrum_SeeSea (rough version) Vapor City demos
7. P73#pause
8. Lapalux: Gutter Glitter
9. Teebs: Red Curbs Loop (stuff I dream about)
10.Ifan Dafydd:Treehouse
11.Lapalux: Moments (feat. PY)
12.Balam Acab: Dream Out
13.Schlomo: Couch
14.Forest Swords: Hit the Ground (Superman) Remix
15.Dimlite: And Your Shoes Are Too Clean
16.Freddie Gibbs & Madlib: Deep (inst.)
17.Force Publique Congo: The Butcher of Congo
18.Oneohtrix Point Never: Sleep Dealer
19.Apparat: Goodbye (with Soap and Skin)
20.Tim Hecker: Sketch 6

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