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Late of the Pier x Soulwax

“We’ve been planning this too long.”

More like we have been waiting for too long for this remix. Classic “banger” remix via the Soulwax boys but still so good and what better to accompany this banger than a super weird and mutated version of the hipster girl filled original video to one of my fav singles of the year, “Best In The Class”.

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LCD Soundsystem x Soulwax: You Wanted A Hit

Soulwax remixing LCD Soundsystem is not an uncommon thing in the dance world. But it is always a collaboration we can count on being oh so good and undeniably danceable. I love that the Dewaele Bros really retain the “song” elements and structure of the original track in this remix. It is the usual “boom-chk-boom-chk” drums that Soulwax has perfected with that chunky monophonic distorted bassline that we know and love. Now all we need is some new original material from the Soulwax bros as well as that remix of Late of the Pier’s “Best in The Class”.

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Music Video: Late of the Pier – Best in the Class

Currently the best track of 2010 for me. We are only 2 months into Twenty Ten and there has been so much good music already. Also a possible Soulwax remix of this track?! Awesome.

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Late Of the Pier – Blueberry

Late of the Pier strikes back with the help of Mr. Alkan once again to round out 2009 with a perfect pop tune. Just wait for when that first verse kicks in. It is a breathe of fresh air and a sign that good songwriting still exists and that Late of the Pier will fuck shit up once again. It is a tune that swirls through the decades of pop music, first stopping off in the 60s, paying homage to Late of the Pier’s weird psychedelic roots with a chorus which gives nod to britpop’s finest then next comes a very 70s/80s synth inspired 2nd verse that reminds me of something Sparks would come up with. The song ends in a fury of detuned guitars that blast off into the future – a place where Late of the Pier reigns supreme. “Blueberry” is up for download now on iTunes, Beatport, and Juno. But a lovely 12″ shall be out in early Twenty-Ten with the B-side “Best in The Class” – check out a live studio session of that tune after the jump. Pop goodness.


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