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Danimals – Fox (Produced by Mark Ronson)

Danimals are a lucky Australian band that were winners handpicked by Mark Ronson himself for The Lab an initiative set up by Australia’s own Tooheys Extra Dry. With the help of Mark Ronson taking the production reigns, Danimals were able to craft and capture a 60s pop psychedelic sound that evokes The Kinks, The Beach Boys, and the Zombies to name a few. This tune is a project that tapped into all the star studded resources they could. Just take a look at the credits. Sean Lennon even stopped by to lend his ear to the project. What an exciting opportunity for this band – goes to show you what having a team behind you with resources can yield.

Danimals – Fox

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Where in the world is Sean Lennon?

Apparently Sean Lennon has gone off to the South Pacific to save a damsel in distress which is why he dropped off the music scene these past few months.

Sean with a local tribesman, his guide.

Sean’s woman.

Sean Lennon Myspace
The Stone NYC

Sean returns to America to play an experimental show at the John Zorn curated venue, The Stone with Cibo Matto’s Yuka Honda and Hal Willner.

1/5 Saturday
10 pm
Yuka Honda with Sean Lennon and Hal Willner
Yuka Honda (keyboards) Sean Lennon (voice, bass) Hal Willner (electronics)

Cibo Matto – Flowers (Feat. Sean Lennon)

Sean and Vincent’s show together back in 2004 at Rothko in NYC.
Vincent Gallo & Sean Lennon – Yes I’m Loney (8.25.2004)

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Sean Lennon & Mark Ronson


The Beach Boys – Sail On, Sailor
Great cut featuring guitarist, Blondie Chaplin on vocals. Such a catchy chorus, I sing it all the time.

Sean Lennon & Mark Ronson – Sail on Sailor

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Vincent Gallo




Here is a bootleg track from one of two performances Vincent Gallo & Sean Lennon did in 2004. Vincent is palying bass and Sean is playing guitar and Nikolai Haas, Lukas Haas’ younger brother is playing drums and this is his first show ever. Rothko was a great tiny venue in the Lower East Side but was shut down a year ago. Enjoy!

Vincent Gallo & Sean Lennon – My Beautiful White Dog (Live@Rothko – 8.25.2004)


The Cobra Snake in 20 years

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