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Penguin Prison x Pink Stallone

A dark disco re-visioning of Penguin Prison’s Pop opus “Golden Train” by Pink Stallone. I love the chunky growling synths on this production.

Penguin Prison – Golden Train (Pink Stallone Remix)

Via Neon Gold Records

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Penguin Prison: Golden Train (Acoustic)

Penguin Prison’s latest single “Golden Train” is out in Europe now but shall be released here in the US via Neon Gold Records on vinyl featuring a remix by the one and only Pink Stallone. “Golden Train” is an over the top Pop tune that fills you with gusto as you strut around to its hooks and Mr. Glover’s flasetto. I always think the true test of a song’s Pop sensibility is how it can stand on its own when it is just performed by a Man and his Guitar. Penguin Prison proves that in reality “Golden Train” is nothing more than a cowboy’s lonely anthem that has been masquerading as an electro-pop ballad. Now let us all hop onto Chris Glover’s Golden Train and ride into the sun.

Download the acoustic version of Golden Train by “Like”-ing Penguin Prison on Facebook

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Penguin Prison – Golden Train

I have been trying not to post radio rips of songs since they do not give the tunes sonic justice but this new Penguin Prison single is just too good not to share even in this poor audio quality. Somehow he is able to top himself every time with each song he releases. “Golden Train” is in the middle of “Something I’m Not” and “The Worse it Gets” – a hybrid tune with drum machine, funky guitar, a solid bassline, falsetto vocals and an amazing hook. “Golden Train” is out 11.22.2010 and will be on his unnamed finished album which should be out in a few months. Let’s all have a round of applause for good Pop music.

Penguin Prison – Golden Train (Radio Rip)

A minimal remix of Aussie’s Kimbra.
Kimbra – Settle Down (Penguin Prison)

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