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Blank Spaces : A Home Away From Home

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Blank Spaces “Memory Man” LP

Stream the debut Blank Spaces Memory Man LP now on Soundcloud and buy it on iTunes. Experience it in its full krautrock and synth-pop glory.

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Blank Spaces : Memory Man

Let’s get deep this Monday AM with a new tune from Blank Spaces entitled “Memory Man”. It is song that is part Brian Eno, part Tangerine Dream mixed in with some dark 80s new wave. Just let the sounds engulf you…

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Blank Spaces : Fly Your Flag

Blank Spaces latest track is a new wave ode to 50s Pop. It is a song with arpeggiated guitar drenched in tremolo over a Motown-esque bassline.

Fly Your Flag by BlankSpaces

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Music Video: Blank Spaces – Start

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Blank Spaces -/-

-/- or Blank Spaces could be music that someone found on a lost cassette from the 80s. Everything about the vibe and aesthetic just feels like it is a demo tape of some lost 80s UK band. “The Great Shark Hunt” totally reminds me of Human League and Yazoo meets New Order, with its sequenced synth line and the chorus FX on the bass that comes in during the chorus and the little solo at the end.

A few words from Blank Spaces about “The Great Shark Hunt”:

The EDP Wasp is the backbone of the track and everything else plays in time with that. It’s about losing trust in someone who was supposed to look out for you and lyrically its inspired by Hunter S. Thompson and his rants of crooked politicians.

-/- The Great Shark Hunt

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