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PONEY PONEY recently announced they are changing their name to – JAMAICA. Thoughts? I guess it is a marketing move so that we don’t confuse them with Pony Pony Run Run.

Checkout an Asian Dan exclusive PONEY PONEY/JAMAICA Interview here.

Download: JAMAICA – Summer 09 Mixtape

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Poney Poney x Para One: When Do You Wanna Stop Working Now?

Para One never ceases to impress, first his remix of Tahiti Boy & The Palmtree Family now this production for Poney Poney. I am looking forward to the full Poney Poney album.
Poney Poney – When Do You Wanna Stop Working Now?

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Asian Dan Interview: Poney Poney

Antoine and Flo from Poney Poney were kind of enough to answer a few questions for Asian Dan. Find out what it was like to work with Xavier and Para One and what some of their favorite tunes are at the moment. Their new EP is out now on Institubes. I can’t wait for their pop drenched album.

Poney Poney – When Do You Wanna Stop Working? (Pacific Remix)

Asian Dan Interview: Poney Poney

1. Who is Poney Poney? How would you describe your music?
Antoine: We’re Antoine and Flo, two gentlemen from Paris. We play modern pop music.

2. What are your biggest influences, musical or otherwise?
A: Good melodies, ostinato, solos and snares that go “pff”.

3. What are your first musical memories?
A: Playing the flute at school then learning “Apache” on the guitar to impress my swedish penfriend. It didn’t work.
Florent : My dad playing piano.

4. As a band what was it like to work with electronic music producers such as Xavier from Justice on “Cross the Fader” and Para One on your latest, soon to be release EP “WHEN DO YOU WANNA STOP WORKING?” ? Did they approach you guys?
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Music Video: Poney Poney – Cross the Fader

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Justice The Early Years: Microloisir aka Gaspard Auge

Xavier and Gaspard’s latest looks. Look at that hair and ‘stache. He looks like a 70s Asian Moviestar.

A compilation album from 2003 featuring early Justice tracks surfaced in the blogosphere a few weeks ago and the first ever Justice track “Sure You Will” made its way to the public. Apparently it is a track that Justice is not very proud about and they describe it is a tribute to the Buggles. The French band Poney Poney is also featured on this compilation.
Musclorvision – Hits Up To You –

Microloisir is the moniker of Gaspard Auge when he was rolling solo. This is a very interesting track. I wonder if Gaspard is singing.

Mircoloisir – Back in Your Eyes

Once again hats off to Buzz en Direkt for this track.

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Xavier De Rosnay x Poney Poney

Poney Poney – Cross the Fader

Xavier De Rosnay has jumped into the realm of producing rock bands a very tricky crossover for an electronic producer. Erol Alkan seems to be doing well especially with producing the Mystery Jets & Late of the Pier. Xavier seems to have taken the roll as an “auteur producer” sprinkling his magical Justice touch. This Poney Poney track off their upcoming EP has that Justice sound, just listen to the drum production and the guitar. Poney Poney are opening up for Sebastien Tellier in London at ICA.

Poney Poney Myspace

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The Virgins & Poney Poney

The Virgins are your typical downtown hipster band backed by aNYthing, a uber urban hip clothing company with street cred. The Virgins not only have street cred but art world cred, being friends with Ryan McGinley a photographer whose has gained much attention in the art community as well as being friends with Dash Snow, a NYC graffiti artist who is part of the famous oil tycoon family, the De Menils who founded the Rothko Chapel.

That aside The Virgins are way too hip and write way catchy pop songs songs. It is no surprise that WB’s Gossip Girl decided to play their entire EP in one of their episodes. Oh yeah one of their first shows was opening for Patti Smith in Paris. These guys have it made and are going to blow up.

The Virgins in the NY Times
The Virgins Myspace

The Virgins’ catchy tunes:
The Virgins – Rich Girls
The Virgins – Love is Colder Than Death

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Paris is the hip center of the world right now and here is a band that has been endorsed by the new ambassadors of dance, JUS†ICE. Poney Poney are a pop rock band that have that rough indie garage rock sound with that French pop sensibilty like Phoenix. Xavier from Justice produced a few tracks of theirs which should be interesting to hear once their surface.

The vox on this track remind me of Phoenix
Poney Poney – AM Music
Poney Poney Myspace

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