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Erol Alkan Presents Disco 3000

Erol Alkan Presents Disco 3000

Much love to Discodust for sharing this!

Special 80 minute mix of spaced out disco, bubbling synthesis and balearic gems. A tribute to the days of tape edits and letting a single track play for ages…Made on 2 turntables with the aid of a 1970’s Cat Octave synth and Korg Stage Echo.

Erol Alkan: “i’ve put together a 80 minute mix of some disco vibes which are lighting up my stratosphere. i began mixing it up just for my own selfish ipod needs during a day off i had at christmas and only recently got round to finishing due to album commitments. most of the tracks are re-edited in some form or over, and i splashed some moody synth drizzle over some of the beats. i got another hour of this mix sitting about, dunno, i maybe save it for another edition. would love to play club sets more like this, who knows, maybe i will… anyone wanna do a party?”

Erol is a man of music. He does it all from DJing to Producing, he just loves music. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was a piano virtuoso or is going to score a film soon.

August 10 in Toronto, Erol Alkan, Soulwax and A-Trak are spinning as part of the TIME Festival. I am so excited. Soulwax AND Erol Alkan, two groups of men that just love music 🙂

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