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King Krule : Easy Easy

The ever introspective and brooding King Krule prepares his debut album for an August 24 release care of True Panther and XL Recordings. “6 Feet Beneath The Moon” is a 14 track journey that will surely tackle all the feelings and experiences that have riddled his life for the past 18 years. “Easy Easy” is a simple and short tune that clocks in under 3 minutes that is conveys quite a lot with just his vocals and guitar.

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Atoms For Peace : Default

My personal dream supergroup, Atoms For Peace is back with a new track entitled “Default” that delves into their cerebral grooves. They are band born from their live energy and stage show but this studio track camouflages all their respective instruments and roles in the band but I am definitely not mad.

” You may have heard that I have a new project called Atoms for Peace. The name comes from some shows of The Eraser that happened a couple of years ago with Mauro, Joey, Nigel and Flea. We got a big buzz from them and discovered loads of energy from transforming the music from electronic to live, and so afterwards, we carried on for a few days in the studio and decided to make it a loose, on-going thing. Immersed in the area between the two…electronic and live. The first tune we’d like you to hear is “Default”. A 12″ vinyl version will follow next month and an album will eventually follow that next year.” – Thom Yorke

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Jai Paul : Jasmine

Ah and the boy returns. Jai Paul drops “Jasmine” upon the internet, a slowburner of a tune that is propelled by a pedaling bassline. Jai Paul’s whispery vocals floats over the mid-tempo groove along with some funky envelope filtered guitar. OK XL Recordings glad to see all the $$$ you made off Adele was funneled to Mr. Jai Paul. Can’t wait for the album!

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Jai Paul : BTSTU (Edit)

Jai Paul is out of hiding and now armed with a fully compressed and bumping single/edit of his bloghaus hit, “BTSTU”. Jai is now backed by the epic XL Recordings who is providing reinforcements for his upcoming release, an EP or an LP? We will only have to wait and see. I may or may have not heard some other tracks that he is working on and “huge” is an understatement for what Jai Paul has up his sleeve. Also props to Jai Paul for still using a Myspace, lulz.

Jai Paul – BTSTU (Edit) by Jai Paul

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Ratatat – Neckbrace

Ratatat returns this summer with their apocalyptic rock sound via “LP4”. A collection of tunes that were written and recorded at the same time as LP3, so there is already a precedent set that these are just a collection of B-sides that didn’t make the cut for LP3. With that in mind there is still a lot of that jungley/tribal vibe sprinkled throughout this record. “Neckbrace” embraces the closest thing to vocals you will have on a Ratatat tune, a gutteral sampled and chopped sort of beatbox bassline a la Rahzel on Bjork’s album “Medulla”.

<3 Ratatat but I want bigger and more \m/ guitars ;) [audio:] Ratatat – Neckbrace

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Asian Dan Presents Magistrates 20 Min Mixtape Part II + Interview

Artwork by EIKNARF

After hearing the Magistrates 20 Min Mixtape – a what I would call a “scanning through the radio/channel surfing” mix/mashup, I wanted to hear more. I asked the Magistrates boys if they would craft another similar mix that would give us all another peak into their pop music minds and they graciously agreed. Get ready for 20 mins of schizophrenic pop madness. They mix Can’s “Vitamin C” into Radiohead’s “Idioteque” into Yellow Magic Orchestra’s “Rydeen” – three of my favorite tunes of all time so I cannot argue with the insanity and awesomness that is this mix. Try to guess all the tunes. Also checkout how they let Damon Albarn win in ping pong.

Asian Dan Presents Magistrates 20 Min Mixtape Part II

Asian Dan Interview: MAGISTRATES

1. Who is Magistrates? How would you describe your sound?

We are a collective of scientists, mathmeticians, chefs and philanthropists. The music we play alters the chemicals in your brain and makes your feet and hips groove uncontrollably.

2. What was your first musical memory?

Michael Jackson and The Beatles dominate most of our childhood. I [Galbally] have a weird memory of having Sunday Roast when I was about 4 or 5 and my Dad was playing Chris De Burgh, I think it was the whole album, and I remember at the time feeling physically sick… I’ve never been able to enjoy a Sunday Roast again.

3. How did the band form? What is the band’s vision and goal?

Our paths crossed, we all enjoyed the same things, we had the same type of mindset and we all played music; so we just put our heads together and eventually formed Magistrates. We aim to keep on making good music for as long as humanly possible, to express ourselves through it, and to send it rippling around the globe.
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Magistrates – Make This Work

Magistrates are a UK band signed to XL Recordings. They remind me of Phoenix’s pop appeal and musicality with Klaxons’ falsetto vocals with Jamie Lidell’s white boy soul vibe and a touch of Maroon 5’s undeniable catchiness. Let’s wait and see what their album has in store for everyone.

Magistrates – Make This Work

Music Video after the jump!
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With a buzz in our ears we play endlessly

“Sigur Rós will be releasing their fifth album, Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust (English translation: with a buzz in our ears we play endlessly), on June 24th, 2008 on XL Recordings. The first track from the album, entitled “Gobbledigook,” will be unveiled with a world exclusive first play on England’s Radio 1 tonight (May 27th) by Zane Lowe on the Evening Session. The track will then be available worldwide for free download via beginning at 2:30 p.m. EST. The video for the song will also premiere on today.”

Sigur Rós – Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust – Artwork (NSFW)
Artwork by Ryan McGinley

1. Gobbledigook
2. Inní mér syngur vitleysingur
3. Góðan daginn
4. Við spilum endalaust
5. Festival
6. Með suð í eyrum
7. Ára bátur
8. Illgresi
9. Fljótavík
10. Straumnes
11. All Alright

Download: Sigur Rós – Fönklagið [The Funk Song](Live in Reykjavík – 6.4.1998)

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