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Jai Paul : Self-Titled Debut LP – Stream + Download

Jai Paul unveils his debut 16 track self-titled album amidst the Coachella and Daft Punk hype without any help from his label XL Recordings via his bandcamp. XL label owner Richard Russell says “The way [Jai Paul is] going about things is, I think for many, baffling. But it’s how he’s going about things, and as such it can only be right because it’s his way of doing it.” Let us just respect this massive and enigmatic talent and allow these new tracks bless our ears.

PS Track 7 is a lovely cover of Jennifer Paige’s “Crush”.


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Kindness – Live @ Le Poisson Rouge – 3.17.2012

I caught Kindness down at the Fader Fort down at SXSW back in March and was very excited to see the live rendition of Adam Bainbridge’s project. Kindness did not come with their A-game at SXSW, granted it was their third show as a band and they did not have a proper soundcheck, I was mildly disappointed. I am a forgiving person and decided to give them a second chance and caught them live last night at Le Poisson Rouge at Josh & Dave P’s Fixed party. My experience was far from what I heard and saw down at SXSW, for they put on one of the most fun and entertaning shows I have been to in a while.
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Jai Paul : Jasmine

Ah and the boy returns. Jai Paul drops “Jasmine” upon the internet, a slowburner of a tune that is propelled by a pedaling bassline. Jai Paul’s whispery vocals floats over the mid-tempo groove along with some funky envelope filtered guitar. OK XL Recordings glad to see all the $$$ you made off Adele was funneled to Mr. Jai Paul. Can’t wait for the album!

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Jai Paul : BTSTU (Edit)

Jai Paul is out of hiding and now armed with a fully compressed and bumping single/edit of his bloghaus hit, “BTSTU”. Jai is now backed by the epic XL Recordings who is providing reinforcements for his upcoming release, an EP or an LP? We will only have to wait and see. I may or may have not heard some other tracks that he is working on and “huge” is an understatement for what Jai Paul has up his sleeve. Also props to Jai Paul for still using a Myspace, lulz.

Jai Paul – BTSTU (Edit) by Jai Paul

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Emiliana Torrini x Jai Paul

Jai Paul works his magic on Icelandic singer/songwriter, Emiliana Torrini. Churning out a remix that clocks in at 2:24 mins yet is packed with bubbling and twinkling synths along side big ass bass drums.

What is your deal Jail Paul? When are we going to get more music from you?! Is this going to be your first release, Bait One EP?

Emiliana Torrini – Jungle Drum (Jai Paul Remix)

Found while lurking on the Hypemachine via

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Jai Paul

What a massive producer and talent from the UK, Jai Paul makes what sounds like lo-fi Hudson Mohawke meets D’Angelo and Madlib with massive amounts of pop hooks sprinkled on top. Definitely a refreshing sound in this electronic music world. I love his absurd humor as well, just take a look at his myspace. Check out his other beats, unfortunately they are only like 20 second clips, definitely checkout “Genevieve” – I need more music from you Jai Paul! Pretty sure Diplo will be all over this, when is the Diplo x Jai Paul x M.I.A. x Santigold collab coming out?

Jai Paul – BTSU

Cheers to Beep Iams for showing me this stuff.

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