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Asian Dan Presents Magistrates 20 Min Mixtape Part II + Interview

Artwork by EIKNARF

After hearing the Magistrates 20 Min Mixtape – a what I would call a “scanning through the radio/channel surfing” mix/mashup, I wanted to hear more. I asked the Magistrates boys if they would craft another similar mix that would give us all another peak into their pop music minds and they graciously agreed. Get ready for 20 mins of schizophrenic pop madness. They mix Can’s “Vitamin C” into Radiohead’s “Idioteque” into Yellow Magic Orchestra’s “Rydeen” – three of my favorite tunes of all time so I cannot argue with the insanity and awesomness that is this mix. Try to guess all the tunes. Also checkout how they let Damon Albarn win in ping pong.

Asian Dan Presents Magistrates 20 Min Mixtape Part II

Asian Dan Interview: MAGISTRATES

1. Who is Magistrates? How would you describe your sound?

We are a collective of scientists, mathmeticians, chefs and philanthropists. The music we play alters the chemicals in your brain and makes your feet and hips groove uncontrollably.

2. What was your first musical memory?

Michael Jackson and The Beatles dominate most of our childhood. I [Galbally] have a weird memory of having Sunday Roast when I was about 4 or 5 and my Dad was playing Chris De Burgh, I think it was the whole album, and I remember at the time feeling physically sick… I’ve never been able to enjoy a Sunday Roast again.

3. How did the band form? What is the band’s vision and goal?

Our paths crossed, we all enjoyed the same things, we had the same type of mindset and we all played music; so we just put our heads together and eventually formed Magistrates. We aim to keep on making good music for as long as humanly possible, to express ourselves through it, and to send it rippling around the globe.
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