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Jamaica x Alvin Risk

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Do you know what happens when the blogosphere explodes into the “real world” and shit gets “real”? This remix is what happens. I met the talented Alvin Risk back in October after playing with the Jamaica gang at Webster Hall where I introduced him to the guys who said they would love the Alvin Risk remix touch on their next single “Jericho” – fast forward to today, here is the final product. It is a dancefloor revision of a straight-forward pop rock song that will make you dance quite hard and sing along at the same time. I especially love how he turned the intro into an epic bridge.

Pick up the entire Jericho EP which also features a remix from the one and only Todd Edwards.

Buy the Jericho EP on iTunes

Jamaica – Jericho (Alvin Risk Remix) by AlvinRisk

Catch the Jamaica guys on tour in North America now – Chicago Thursday night!
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Alvin Risk “The Making Of” EP

The elusive Alvin Risk just released his debut EP, “The Making Of” for free on the interwebs last week. A a collection of 4 songs that highlights his ability to balance great concepts, songwriting, production and musicianship – a task that very few artists are able to achieve these days. A favorite track of mine off the EP is “Someone”, a song that reminds me of a Balearic Banger. Imagine Washed Out adding some slap bass and some serious compressed drums and cleaning up his “lo-fi” sound. I love the whispery vocals that float over the heavy track. Overall a song that can work in your bedroom or on the dancefloor.

Alvin Risk – Someone

DOWNLOAD: The Making Of EP

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Alvin Risk is one of DC’s hidden artists. Mr. Shuttle turned me on to Alvin Risk’s music and I gotta say it is some good stuff. “At Last” is a straight-forward synth pop tune that reminds me of early Midnight Juggernauts when they were channeling the likes of ELO. There are splashes of The Buggles that pop up during the chorus. Production wise there are those heavily compressed/side-chained drums we are use to in electro/banger music but within in a pop context is a surprising touch such as in Emil & Friends’ music. Vocally, Alvin Risk delivers whispery vocals that remind me of the Postal Service which should be making a comeback about now. Overall great music that should be heard.

Alvin Risk – At Last

Alvin Risk by AlvinRisk

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