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Music Video : Bibio “K is For Kelson”

“Mind Bokeh” is everything I expected from Bibio – a schizophrenic yet smart look into his musical mind often exploring territories that he should not be in but somehow pulling it off in his own “Bibio” way. “K is For Kelson” is summery Brazilian pop song made for Sesame Street. His latest music video for the “K for Kelson” with its 90s VHS public television/Sesame Street look at “Speak n’ Spell” theme proves that Bibio has been in on this joke the entire time. Bibio is everything a contemporary producer/artists/band should be – a self-aware musical chameleon that always should over-step their musical boundaries.

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Music Video : Bibio “Excuses”


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Bibio “Mind Bokeh” Sampler

I have been listening to this just over a minute sampler of Bibio’s upcoming album “Mind Bokeh” for the past week and a half. I have probably listened to it about 50 times. I have tweeted and posted it on Facebook enough to declare it my album of 2011 even though this is the only bit of the album I have heard. It is every element of Bibio turned up to 11 – from his amazing beat-making, his lo-fi found sound experiments, his beautiful jazz/classical guitar all mixed and blurred with his amazing grasp of Pop music.

Out March 28 in the US and April 4 worldwide on Warp Records.

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