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Asian Dan presents LOL Boys’ April Fool’s Day Mini Mix + iChat Q&A

What more of an appropriate day for a Mini mix from the LOL Boys. The LOL Boys officially have one of the greatest names for a duo out today. Jerome P. & Markus G. are the LOL Boys – 1 part LA and 1 part Montreal, a potent mix of cities and characters that contribute to their version of Bass music. LOL Boys “123” was a track I discovered a few months ago that really caught my attention with its Pan Flute hook. Jerome and I spoke via iChat about his love of Memes, .gifs, and all things Internet.

BTW if you want to stalk Jerome and want to know what he looks like he is actually the Car Wash Kid that makes a cameo in SebastiAn’s “Embody” music video.

Download: Asian Dan presents LOL Boys’ April Fool’s Day Mini Mix

Download: LOL Boys & Teki Latex – Modern off the”Truancy Compilation One”

iChat Chat With Jerome P. of LOL Boys:

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In honor of LOLZ day aka April Fool’s Day here is the Das Racist interview me and the Karmaloop TV gang caught with the Das Racist dudes. A bunch of trolls but in the end a lulz filled interview.

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