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What better way to celebrate Christmas than with Can, covering “Silent Night” – Christmas goes Krautrock. Merry Christmas and hopefully you all got what you want 🙂

Download: Can – Silent Night

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The Horrors – Sea Within a Sea

I’ve never really listened to this The Horrors until I heard this track and I love it. From what I have been reading on the interwebs, this is an atypical new sound for The Horrors. “Sea Within a Sea” is a dark krautrock pop tune that at first listen reminded me of Neu! meets “The Rip” by Portishead which is interesting because I found out that their new album Primary Colours is produced by Geoff Barrow of Portishead. The 2nd half of “Sea Within a Sea” with those major arpeggiated chords sound very similar to the end of “The Rip”.

The Horrors – Sea With a Sea

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Eine Kleine Nacht Musik

Rondo Veneziano’s “La Serenissima” has made quite an impression on the electronic music community within the past year. Justice dropped this track in their famous Xmas Mix, Daft Punk featured this track as one of their favorite dance tracks, Cazals used this track as their entrance music during their Daft Punk Japan tour and The Bloody Beetroots tapped into their Italian roots with their own cover, “We Are from Venice”. Now Eine Kleine Nacht Musik aka Riton has tapped into this amazing track with his own rendition, adding a few Kraut elements to it. I definitely feel this version more than the Bloody Beetroots one (Sorry Bob!). But of course nothing beats the original 🙂 Checkout his myspace for more Krautrocked-out tunes.

Eine Kleine Nacht Musik – La Serenissima
Eine Kleine Nacht Musik Myspace

Download an Eine Kleine Nacht Musik Mixtape here:

God, I love this video so much 🙂

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Mickey Moonlight

Mickey Moonlight – Interplanetary Music

So Ed Banger Records signed a new artist a few weeks ago, a not French DJ/Producer, Mickey Moonlight from the UK. He is like no one else on Ed Banger and brings a level of intellecualism to the label. Mickey Moonlight’s first single is a cover of Sun Ra’s “Interplanetary Music” with the help of Zongamin, think spacey funk with sprinkles of 70s Krautrock. Late of the Pier says this is one of the best tracks to come out in the last few years.

Mickey Moonlight Myspace

Coming soon with remixes by Riton, Zongamin and S.P.A.

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