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Zongamin : O!

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Acidkids x Zongamin

I feel like Zongamin is the Mr. Oizo of Japan – weird, quirky, whacky productions with semi-cheesey samples that shouldn’t be cool but he makes it work. Acidkids enlist Zongamin to work his magic on their latest track “Mad Mahoney”. Love that slap bass.

Acidkids – Mad Mahoney (Zongamin Remix)

Watch the weird video that accompanies this whacky remix.
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Ratatat x Zongamin

Ratatat – Shempi (Zongamin Remix)

FADER TV: Staycation with Ratatat

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Late of the Pier x Zongamin

Late of the Pier – Heartbeat (Zongamin Remix)
Cheers, Waves at Night

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Mickey Moonlight

Mickey Moonlight – Interplanetary Music

So Ed Banger Records signed a new artist a few weeks ago, a not French DJ/Producer, Mickey Moonlight from the UK. He is like no one else on Ed Banger and brings a level of intellecualism to the label. Mickey Moonlight’s first single is a cover of Sun Ra’s “Interplanetary Music” with the help of Zongamin, think spacey funk with sprinkles of 70s Krautrock. Late of the Pier says this is one of the best tracks to come out in the last few years.

Mickey Moonlight Myspace

Coming soon with remixes by Riton, Zongamin and S.P.A.

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