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Thomas Bangalter : Riga Take 5

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MUSICVISION PHOENIX: Twenty Songs That Changed Our Lives

A fantastic journey into Phoenix’s musical psyche – twenty tunes that changed their lives and influenced the way they sound. I love the way they romanticize and philiosophize in that oh-so French way about Curtis Mayfield and Kenny Rogers. You can really hear the little production techniques and samples that they strive for in their music in these songs. I especially love the 2nd track, Evie Sands’ “I Can’t Let Go” – an epic 2 mins of pop magic that Branco said he and Daft Punk use to cover when they had their band “Darlin” (the name that came from the Beach Boys tune) together for a summer in their teenage years. Such an amazing list of tunes.

Evie Sands – I Can’t Let Go

The Beach Boys – Darlin’

List of the 20 songs after the jump.

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Thomas Bangalter Live @ Cinespace 4.21.2009 – Busy P’s Birthday

Picture from

WOW. Speechless. Will 2009 be the year of Daft Punk?! Checkout Glenjamn’s sick videos from last night. So Thomas’ only did a 3 song set, “Rollin’ & Scratchin'”, DJ Mehdi’s “Signatune”, & Prince’s “Raspberry Beret”. STILL EPIC!!

UPDATE: Glenjamn was contacted by the Daft Camp requesting to take down the vids.
Videos after the jump!

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Asian Dan Interview: Allure

Allure was kind of enough to answer a few questions to give readers a peak into his musical mind. He is quite the classy young gentlemen who is trying to mix and merge the class and smoothness of 70s pop music and French culture with the modern electro sound that we all have come to love and enjoy.

Check out “Champagne” a track that reminds me of Breakbot especially because of that fantastic bass tone. Also the sound of the champagne popping and pouring out is a nice nod to Thomas Bangalter’s track, “Club Soda”.

Allure – Champagne

Asian Dan Interview:

1. Who is Allure? How would describe your music?

I’m a 20 years old Parisian, in love with music since the youth.

Allure is an electronic music with pop influences. It takes french touch 1.0 and 2.0 codes, with pop arrangements and a pop way of composing, (particularly concerning harmony, which is essential to me) associated to a certain elegance and sensuality.

2. What are some of your influences? What was your first musical memory?

I have in one hand all my Pop influences (David Bowie, The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Prince, The Alessi Brothers, America, Phoenix, Queen, Pink Floyd, Stevie Wonder and many more…), and on the other hand my electro french touch influences, especially influenced by Daft Punk and Justice.

I think that my first musical memory is an audio tape of Michael Jackson’s “Bad”.

3. I feel like you are bring the back class and attitude of Serge Gainsbourg in your music, as well as adding a real musical sensibility to electronic music like Breakbot, explain your musical conceptual and production process.

I see that you really have understood my music, it’s a pleasure! 😉

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So here is that awesome remix of Danger by Kurtech that NT89 mixed into his Exclusive Asian Dan Minimix, Kurtech is quite a young and talented DJ/producer from down under, Surkin better watch out.

Danger – 11h30 (Kurtech Remix)

Kurtech Myspace
Definitely checkout some of his own tracks that he produced as well as his awesome remix of Daft Punk’s Aerodynamic.
1. What is your name, how old are you, where are you from? How did you get into music?
My name is Kurtech, I live in a small town two hours away from Melbourne. I started making music when i was given the role of Musical director for my media classes end of year film. The tracks that I made were very simple. After doing the movie, I enjoyed it, and I started spending my lunchtime in the media room using the computers. I ended up getting a copy of Ableton live and I took it home to practice. I am still learning!

2. You said that you never played a real instrument, so how do you know what “sounds good”? Who are your big influences?
I never really know if something sounded good or not. I used to show my tracks to my friends and get their opinions. I have a lot of influences. They vary from Daft punk to Iron Maiden.

3. What are some artists/albums you are listening to lately?
Lately I have been listening to a lot of Cameo. Last album I listened to was Reality Check from the Teenagers.

4. What are your top 5 favorite tracks that make you dance?
Top 5 tracks that made me dance? Haha I never dance man. Here are some of my favorites though…
1. Together – DJ Falcon/ Bangalter
2. High Life – Daft Punk
3. Signatune (Thomas Bangalter edit) – DJ Mehdi
4. Tombstone – Midnight Juggernauts
5. DVNO – Justice

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Bugged Out! Presents Suck My Deck Mixed By Boys Noize

1. Justice – D.A.N.C.E. (Boys Noize’s Teaching How To Dance Accapella)
2. Surkin – Next Of Kin
3. Jackson & His Computer Band – Apeggio
4. Sebastian – Dolomi
5. Modeselektor – Suckerpin
6. Apparat – Cheap Thrills
7. Alter Ego – Beat The Bush
8. Das Glow – Sunburnt
9. DJ Blaqstar – Shake It To the Ground (Claude von Stroke Remix)
10. Shadow Dancer – Poke
11. Shadow Dancer – Cowbois
12. Siriusmo – Mein Neues Fahrrad (Boys Noize Rework)
13. Boys Noize – Lava Lava
14. High Powered Boys – Hoes Get Down
15. Feadz – New Humanoid
16. D.I.M. – Is You (Brodinski Remix)
17. Dj Koze – Don’t Feed The Cat
18. Lil Luis/Marshall Jefferson – Video Crash
19. Laurie Anderson – Oh Superman
20. MMM – Donna
21. Smith n Hack – b2
22. Thomas Bangalter – Spinal Beats / Smith n Hack – b2
23. Boys Noize – DeDeDepella / Thomas Bangalter – Spinal Beats
24. Das Glow – Weiss Gaz
25. Reel 2 Reel – I Like To Move It (Instrumental)
26. Auto Repeat You Can’t Stop (Paul Johnson Remix)
27. housemeister – Inodertodance/ Surkin- Ghetto Obsession (Accapella)
28. Puzique – Thomas
29. Justice – Phantom (Boys Noize’s Unreleased Turbine)
30. Boys Noize – Arcade Robot
31. Outlander – The Vamp
32. Ost & Kjex – Hasta Luego Manchego (Martin Horntveth Mix) (Sisi Edit)
33. The Faint – The Passives
34. Romanthony – Wanderer

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Thomas Bangalter Live @ Weekendance 2002

Thomas Bangalter – Live @ Weekendence 2002
I love that Thomas Bangalter mixes in The Police.
Cheers, HML!!

Daft Punk – High Life
Demon vs Heartbreaker – You Are My High
Basement Jaxx – Where’s Your Head At
Wild Child – Jump To My Beat (Original Mix)
Josh One – Contemplation (King Britt Funke Mix)
Black Legend – We’ll Be In Trouble
Wackside – Turtle Funk
Smoking Beats – I Feel So Good
Jackass & Mule – 1-2-3 Miami (Xylophone Jones Mix)
Green Velvet – Fake and Phoney (Portamento Trax EP)
Xylophone Jones – Mile High Guile
Gabrielle – Forget About The World (Daft Punk Remix)
Kim Carnes – Bette Davis Eyes
The Police – Voices Inside My Head (Acapella)

Rolando – Knight Of The Jaguar
Planetary Assault Systems – Gated
Daft Punk – Aerodynamite

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French Dynasty

1/2 JUS†ICE x 1/2 Daft Punk = Imagine the music they could make!!

Courtesy of the House Music Lovers Forum. Holla.

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Radiohead: Avg $2.26 per album x 1.2 million

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketCourtesy of the NY Times

Radiohead in the NY Times

The “Reckoner” that was part of the band’s live sets sounds nothing like the “Reckoner” on the album, which includes the lyrics “in rainbows.” When the band returned from touring, it decided the song needed a second part, and then a third one; eventually it discarded the original. For “All I Need,” Mr. Greenwood said, he wanted to recapture the white noise generated by a band playing loudly in a room, when “all this chaos kicks up.” That sound never materializes in the more analytical confines of a studio. His solution was to have a string section, and his own overdubbed violas, sustaining every note of the scale, blanketing the frequencies.

“The first time we ever did ‘All I Need,’ boom! It was up on YouTube,” Mr. Yorke said. “I think it’s fantastic. The instant you finish something, you’re really excited about it, you’re really proud of it, you hope someone’s heard it, and then, by God, they have. It’s O.K. because it’s on a phone or a video recorder. It’s a bogus recording, but the spirit of the song is there, and that’s good. At that stage that’s all you need to worry about.”
– Thom Yorke

Thomas Bangalter Pitchfork Interview:
Pitchfork: Speaking of the visuals, why isn’t there a DVD of this tour? Do you ever look up yourself on YouTube just to watch audience members go nuts?
Thomas Bangalter: We are really excited by the idea that so many different people captured a video of their experience of the show in their own way. The thousands of clips on internet are better to us than any DVD that could have been released.
Thomas & Thom both share a love for Youtube.

I’m sure all of you have seen this but I can’t get enough of how hilarious/genius it is.

From At Ease Web:
One of the goals set for ‘In Rainbows’ was to prevent the album from leaking on the internet beforehand, as had happened with the previous three albums.
Colin: “It felt like a gigantic risk. Like Mission: Impossible, almost. We destroyed all CDs after every day of recording. And on the master we’d always write a name which would probably nobody would listen to if we had lost it; ‘Eagles: Greatest Hits.’ ‘Kula Shaker Demo’s.’ ‘Phil Collins’s Hip Hop Covers

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Thomas Bangalter & JFK


Bloc Party – Flux (JFK Remix)



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