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DJ Falcon & Busy P – Live @ LAX – Banana Split 2 Year Anniversary – 11.2.2008

DJ Falcon, Busy P along with JFK, DJ AM and other LA favorites DJed the Banana Split 2 Year Anniversary party at LAX a few weeks ago, here are DJ Falcon and Busy P’s set. I am a big fan of what DJ Falcon does with his mixing and mashing in Ableton. Any help with the tracklists would be great 🙂

DJ Falcon – Live @ LAX – Banana Split 2 Year Anniversary – 11.2.2008
Busy P – Live @ LAX – Banana Split 2 Year Anniversary – 11.2.2008

DJ Falcon mixes this remix of Phoenix by 25 Hours A Day into all his sets and I am a big fan.
Phoenix – Long Distance Call (25 Hours A Day Remix)

Cheers, Let The Music Play

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So here is that awesome remix of Danger by Kurtech that NT89 mixed into his Exclusive Asian Dan Minimix, Kurtech is quite a young and talented DJ/producer from down under, Surkin better watch out.

Danger – 11h30 (Kurtech Remix)

Kurtech Myspace
Definitely checkout some of his own tracks that he produced as well as his awesome remix of Daft Punk’s Aerodynamic.
1. What is your name, how old are you, where are you from? How did you get into music?
My name is Kurtech, I live in a small town two hours away from Melbourne. I started making music when i was given the role of Musical director for my media classes end of year film. The tracks that I made were very simple. After doing the movie, I enjoyed it, and I started spending my lunchtime in the media room using the computers. I ended up getting a copy of Ableton live and I took it home to practice. I am still learning!

2. You said that you never played a real instrument, so how do you know what “sounds good”? Who are your big influences?
I never really know if something sounded good or not. I used to show my tracks to my friends and get their opinions. I have a lot of influences. They vary from Daft punk to Iron Maiden.

3. What are some artists/albums you are listening to lately?
Lately I have been listening to a lot of Cameo. Last album I listened to was Reality Check from the Teenagers.

4. What are your top 5 favorite tracks that make you dance?
Top 5 tracks that made me dance? Haha I never dance man. Here are some of my favorites though…
1. Together – DJ Falcon/ Bangalter
2. High Life – Daft Punk
3. Signatune (Thomas Bangalter edit) – DJ Mehdi
4. Tombstone – Midnight Juggernauts
5. DVNO – Justice

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JFK from MSTRKRFT hatin’ on "Live Electronic" Musicians

JFK on the MSTRKRFT Message Board talking about Electronic musicians “playing live”.

MSTRKRFT Checks in from Studio – Pitchfork

“I guarantee you when this record is done and people have heard it, everyone will want to talk to us again. I think we’re actually going to do something different in a climate where everything sounds the same. That’s our goal. And we won’t rest! [laughs] Until our enemies are vanquished! [laughs] Oh, and everyone should go see Rambo.” – JFK

“when DJ falcon plays off ableton, its the most involved ableton setup ive ever seen… and ive seen everyones. everything was broken down to 2 bar sections and he was combining and mixing like, 4 things together at all times…. thats more involved than many ‘live’ setups, yet he calls it what it is… DJing. ?” – JFK

Alan Braxe & DJ Falcon Live @ The Viper Room LA

This is an amazing set by DJ Falcon mixing and mashing up songs into a musical pastiche. Take that Girl Talk.

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