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JFK from MSTRKRFT hatin’ on "Live Electronic" Musicians

JFK on the MSTRKRFT Message Board talking about Electronic musicians “playing live”.

MSTRKRFT Checks in from Studio – Pitchfork

“I guarantee you when this record is done and people have heard it, everyone will want to talk to us again. I think we’re actually going to do something different in a climate where everything sounds the same. That’s our goal. And we won’t rest! [laughs] Until our enemies are vanquished! [laughs] Oh, and everyone should go see Rambo.” – JFK

“when DJ falcon plays off ableton, its the most involved ableton setup ive ever seen… and ive seen everyones. everything was broken down to 2 bar sections and he was combining and mixing like, 4 things together at all times…. thats more involved than many ‘live’ setups, yet he calls it what it is… DJing. ?” – JFK

Alan Braxe & DJ Falcon Live @ The Viper Room LA

This is an amazing set by DJ Falcon mixing and mashing up songs into a musical pastiche. Take that Girl Talk.

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