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MUSICVISION PHOENIX: Twenty Songs That Changed Our Lives

A fantastic journey into Phoenix’s musical psyche – twenty tunes that changed their lives and influenced the way they sound. I love the way they romanticize and philiosophize in that oh-so French way about Curtis Mayfield and Kenny Rogers. You can really hear the little production techniques and samples that they strive for in their music in these songs. I especially love the 2nd track, Evie Sands’ “I Can’t Let Go” – an epic 2 mins of pop magic that Branco said he and Daft Punk use to cover when they had their band “Darlin” (the name that came from the Beach Boys tune) together for a summer in their teenage years. Such an amazing list of tunes.

Evie Sands – I Can’t Let Go

The Beach Boys – Darlin’

List of the 20 songs after the jump.

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