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Asian Dan Interview: Allure

Allure was kind of enough to answer a few questions to give readers a peak into his musical mind. He is quite the classy young gentlemen who is trying to mix and merge the class and smoothness of 70s pop music and French culture with the modern electro sound that we all have come to love and enjoy.

Check out “Champagne” a track that reminds me of Breakbot especially because of that fantastic bass tone. Also the sound of the champagne popping and pouring out is a nice nod to Thomas Bangalter’s track, “Club Soda”.

Allure – Champagne

Asian Dan Interview:

1. Who is Allure? How would describe your music?

I’m a 20 years old Parisian, in love with music since the youth.

Allure is an electronic music with pop influences. It takes french touch 1.0 and 2.0 codes, with pop arrangements and a pop way of composing, (particularly concerning harmony, which is essential to me) associated to a certain elegance and sensuality.

2. What are some of your influences? What was your first musical memory?

I have in one hand all my Pop influences (David Bowie, The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Prince, The Alessi Brothers, America, Phoenix, Queen, Pink Floyd, Stevie Wonder and many more…), and on the other hand my electro french touch influences, especially influenced by Daft Punk and Justice.

I think that my first musical memory is an audio tape of Michael Jackson’s “Bad”.

3. I feel like you are bring the back class and attitude of Serge Gainsbourg in your music, as well as adding a real musical sensibility to electronic music like Breakbot, explain your musical conceptual and production process.

I see that you really have understood my music, it’s a pleasure! 😉

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