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NT89’s July 2008 Mix

NT89’s July 2008 Mix

d. ramirez feat. tc – with me or against me (tocadisco’s carnival in rio mix)
massi dl – acidland (nt89 rmx)
minilogue – jamaica (dubfire dreamill rmx)
aphex twin – digeridoo (nt89 live rmx)
andrea doria – arsenico (nt89 re-edit)
modeselektor – the white flash (trentemoller rmx)
the knife – marble house (booka shade rmx)
boys noize feat i-robots – frau (puzique / nt89 V2 edit)
dusty kid – kore (nt89 edit)
nic fanciulli & james zabiela – no pressure (nt89 & dusty kid’s kore reprise)
nudisco – pepperjuice (piemont rmx)
the kills – cheap & cheerfull (sebastian remix / nt89 dark re-groove)
le noir – eleny (luke dzierzek rmx)
moby – go (trentemoller rmx)
dusty kid – america (nt89’s camdentown vocal club rmx)

“Hi there, i have just uploaded the july 08 mix, which (in my opinion) is absolutely my best mix so far, it got an heavy dark and pretty minimal touch aka fucking experimental thing.
It was made with 3 (yea, 3!) EKS OTUS (not mine unfortunately ­čÖü ,available to buy from 1st sep) and 1 Korg miniKaoss pad (new arrive in my family :D). That was the most experimental & funny thing i have ever played out. About the tracklist, it’s full of mine remixes &/or re-edits that i made some times ago, i could do that for now just with this dark tech style, for example a kinda bloody beetroots track wouldn’t work on it in the way i was mixing but i’m very very very satisfied and happy with the final risult, i have to practice and optimize a lot now with this set-up again becouse i want it to be my live djset default set-up and obviously i still got to buy 3 of these wonderfull eks product.
The last track is a rmx i have done yesterday night on the Dusty Kid’s last track “America” (thanks to Pabs for this) with samples from Emanuele Inglese’s “old” hit “Camdentown” and its remix made by Andrea Bertolini. Before giving it out on blogs i want to master it with the X-Fi”technology coz i heard it’s pretty impressive. It was recorded in the Alba the producer’s studio.”

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NT89 x Asian Dan – Go BIG or Go Home

NT89 – Go BIG or Go Home (Atom Heart Mother)

NT89 produced this theme song/cover for the b-log and is getting shirts made. Peep it. Some big changes are on the way in the next few weeks for Asian Dan so be on the lookout. Thanks for reading and for all the love.

NT89 Myspace

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NT89 June 2008 Mix

NT89 June 2008 Mix

shinichi osawa – song for the roots
johnny cash – the wanderer
trentemoller – the very last resort
the velvet underground – the murder mistery
bloc party – i still remember (music box & tears remix)
ricardo villalobos – enfants (chants)
murcof – urano
booka shade – duke
cassius – la notte
jackson & his computer band – hard tits
justice – valentine
lorn – control 3
danger feat vyle – 00h00
superstella – arcadia
symbol one – love juice
daft punk – one more time

Amazing mix. This is not your typical mix, even though you see Justice and Daft Punk in the tracklist, ha, so get ready. I love how NT89 mixes in Johnny Cash.

NT89 Myspace

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Cut Copy x NT89

Such a Rock n’ Roll photo \m/

Cut Copy – Hearts on Fire (NT89 Remix)

Cut Copy Myspace
NT89 Myspace

Also NT89’s new EP, You’re My Very Special One is out. Buy it here.

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NT89 – Chilling Moments

NT89 – Chilling Moments Part I

Ratatat – Shiller
Sebastien Tellier – Slow Lynch
Murcof – Ulysses (Deathprod mix)
Trentemoller – miss you
Maria callas – Requiem (Mozart)

Dedicated to Dora

NT89 Myspace

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Viva Italia!

MSTRKRFT x The Bloody Beetroots x AM
Benny Benassi – I am Not Drunk (The Bloody Beetroots Remix)
Chromeo – Fancy Footwork (Crookers Remix)

NT89 Myspace
NT89 posted a bunch of new tracks of his own and some new remixes. Definitely check out the Good Guys remix of his track Booster. And Download NT89’s Exclusive Asian Dan Minimix

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So here is that awesome remix of Danger by Kurtech that NT89 mixed into his Exclusive Asian Dan Minimix, Kurtech is quite a young and talented DJ/producer from down under, Surkin better watch out.

Danger – 11h30 (Kurtech Remix)

Kurtech Myspace
Definitely checkout some of his own tracks that he produced as well as his awesome remix of Daft Punk’s Aerodynamic.
1. What is your name, how old are you, where are you from? How did you get into music?
My name is Kurtech, I live in a small town two hours away from Melbourne. I started making music when i was given the role of Musical director for my media classes end of year film. The tracks that I made were very simple. After doing the movie, I enjoyed it, and I started spending my lunchtime in the media room using the computers. I ended up getting a copy of Ableton live and I took it home to practice. I am still learning!

2. You said that you never played a real instrument, so how do you know what “sounds good”? Who are your big influences?
I never really know if something sounded good or not. I used to show my tracks to my friends and get their opinions. I have a lot of influences. They vary from Daft punk to Iron Maiden.

3. What are some artists/albums you are listening to lately?
Lately I have been listening to a lot of Cameo. Last album I listened to was Reality Check from the Teenagers.

4. What are your top 5 favorite tracks that make you dance?
Top 5 tracks that made me dance? Haha I never dance man. Here are some of my favorites though…
1. Together – DJ Falcon/ Bangalter
2. High Life – Daft Punk
3. Signatune (Thomas Bangalter edit) – DJ Mehdi
4. Tombstone – Midnight Juggernauts
5. DVNO – Justice

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*NT89’s Exclusive Asian Dan Minimix*

Flyer by Zack of

NT89’s Exclusive Asian Dan Minimix

“A fresh electro piece between Stress and Tsunami which is like a live mash-up. This mix is made with a Pioneer DJM800 and 2 CDJ400, always from Pioneer, no software used.”-NT89

NT89 Myspace

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The other day my boy NT89(Check out his new track Booster!) was telling me about his fellow Italian DJ/producer, C├ęcile. I checked him out and really like his production style and musicality. I feel he is going to be doing some interesting things in the future so stay tuned.
C├ęcile Myspace

This track reminds me of Danger meets Kavinsky, the drums sound amazing on this track.
C├ęcile – There’s No Justice

Think the French Touch sound and vibe meets Venetian Snare:
C├ęcile – When The Beat Goes On

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Cazals x NT89 *Exclusive*


Cazals – Somebody, Somewhere (NT89 Woarr Mix) (Asian Dan Server)
Cazals – Somebody, Somewhere (NT89 Woarr Mix) (ZSHARE LINK)

Here is a description from NT89 himself explaining his production process:

Kitsune & Daniel from Cazals sent me the stems about 2 weeks ago, after that, i started this important remix, trying to make something of original, different and alternative. I used the vocals and guitar impulses mounted on a sampler, totally recomposed and added over a distorted synth, it took me about a week just for the impulse extraction and for the whole set-up of that synth sound. The Drum & Bass section is pretty special too, it rounds 360┬░ in the small feedback (Took the idea from the Boys Noize Remix of Snoop Dogg), it sounds amazing on a huge soundsystem.

Cazals Myspace
NT89 Myspace

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