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Cazals x NT89 *Exclusive*


Cazals – Somebody, Somewhere (NT89 Woarr Mix) (Asian Dan Server)
Cazals – Somebody, Somewhere (NT89 Woarr Mix) (ZSHARE LINK)

Here is a description from NT89 himself explaining his production process:

Kitsune & Daniel from Cazals sent me the stems about 2 weeks ago, after that, i started this important remix, trying to make something of original, different and alternative. I used the vocals and guitar impulses mounted on a sampler, totally recomposed and added over a distorted synth, it took me about a week just for the impulse extraction and for the whole set-up of that synth sound. The Drum & Bass section is pretty special too, it rounds 360° in the small feedback (Took the idea from the Boys Noize Remix of Snoop Dogg), it sounds amazing on a huge soundsystem.

Cazals Myspace
NT89 Myspace

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