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Cat Power & -M- : Toop Toop (A Tribute to Zdar)

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Music Video : Cassius “Action (ft. Cat Power & Mike D)”

A goofy throwback ode to late 90s music videos a la Michel Gondry and Spike Jonze.

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Cassius : Action (feat. Mike D & Cat Power)

The French Touch godfathers return with “Action” with the help of Mike D and Cat Power. It is a track that oozes pure fun like a Deee-Lite or Junior Senior track. An album is definitely coming soon so be on the look out for that later in the year.

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Mixmag Presents Club 75 Mix: Cassius, Justice, Busy P & DJ Mehdi

Download: Mixmag Presents Club 75 Mix

01 Ramon Tapia & Maxim Lany – Highway (FCL Remix)
02 Kikomoto Allstars – Still Can’t Stop The House
03 Cybersonic – Technarchy
04 D.I.M & Tai – Lyposuct
05 Cassius – Youth, Speed, Trouble, Cigarettes’ (Reset! Remix)
06 Mr Oizo – Gay Dentists
07 Tronik Youth – Disco Suks (Aston Shuffle Remix)
08 Justice – D.A.N.C.E (MSTRKRFT Remix)
09 Cassius – La Mouche (DJ Falcon Metal Mix)
10 Jack Beats – Get Down
11 DB-X – Third Rail
12 Boy 8-Bit – Baltic Pine
13 Kevin Saunderson – Bounce Your Body To The Box
14 Fake Blood – The Dozens (Edit)
15 Tony Lionni – Found A Place
16 Cassius Feat Jocelyn Brown – I’m A Woman (Zdar & Boombass Private Mix)
17 DYE – Neige 606 (DJ Mehdi Remix)

Cheers, Let The Music Play

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Cassius: Youth, Speed, Trouble, Cigarettes

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NT89 June 2008 Mix

NT89 June 2008 Mix

shinichi osawa – song for the roots
johnny cash – the wanderer
trentemoller – the very last resort
the velvet underground – the murder mistery
bloc party – i still remember (music box & tears remix)
ricardo villalobos – enfants (chants)
murcof – urano
booka shade – duke
cassius – la notte
jackson & his computer band – hard tits
justice – valentine
lorn – control 3
danger feat vyle – 00h00
superstella – arcadia
symbol one – love juice
daft punk – one more time

Amazing mix. This is not your typical mix, even though you see Justice and Daft Punk in the tracklist, ha, so get ready. I love how NT89 mixes in Johnny Cash.

NT89 Myspace

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Girls Are Short & Cassius

Check this great remix that I just rediscovered today as my iPod was on shuffle. It is a remix of Death from Above 1979 R.I.P. , by Girls are Short aka ALP, 1/2 of MSTRKRFT. It is a totally paying homage to French Filter House. Note the psuedo- Stardust guitar part.

Death from Above 1979 – Romantic Rights (Girls are Short Remix)

I also just started listening to Cassius today and just found out that they are now a band. After being on the French scene for years as an influential French duo they decided to acoustify and translate their songs into the rock and roll world. Pharrell is boys with them so that gives them some street cred as well as having Ghostface make an appearence on their 2nd album, Au Reve. Here is a track from their album 1999.
Cassius – Feelings for You

Pharrell & Cassius chatting.

Cassius Myspace

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Danger is the future of this French Touch revival. Justice pioneered that distorted heavy metal dance music but that can only be taken so far and ripped off by many. This is exactly what happened to Daft Punk, Alan Braxe, Cassius, Stardust in the late 90s, everyone began taking their sound which led to a rise of mediocre dance tracks. Danger fuses the nostalgic synth sounds of early video games with slap bass, distorted guitar/synth creating this epic sounding dance music, cerebral dance music.

Danger is releasing his first EP on Ekleroshock Records (Ekleroshock Records) in a few months with a remix by DatA. Danger just posted a new track on his myspace, Revolte at 22H10, so check it out.

Danger Myspace

This is my fav track by Danger fusing 90s Freestyle future female robot vocals with Rick Wakeman-esque weaving synth lines puncated by a tight drum and power chord rhythm secion. Try to figure out the lyrics. It is some Dada shit.

Danger – 11H30

Danger, Para One, and SebastiAn are at the forefront of this electro revival. Cerebral Dance Music for all!!

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