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Cat Power & -M- : Toop Toop (A Tribute to Zdar)

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Music Video : Cassius “Action (ft. Cat Power & Mike D)”

A goofy throwback ode to late 90s music videos a la Michel Gondry and Spike Jonze.

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Cassius : Action (feat. Mike D & Cat Power)

The French Touch godfathers return with “Action” with the help of Mike D and Cat Power. It is a track that oozes pure fun like a Deee-Lite or Junior Senior track. An album is definitely coming soon so be on the look out for that later in the year.

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Willis Earl Beal : Coming Through (featuring Cat Power)

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Cat Power : Ruin

The lovely Chan Marshall aka Cat Power is back with “Ruin”, the first new song from her upcoming album “Sun” which is out on Matador Records this fall. It is a sneak peek into all that is awesome about Cat Power, a track that sounds like everything Chan is good at but turned up all the way and really beefed up. Maybe it is the mixing magic of Philippe Zdar and his pumping drums and precise piano EQing that brings Cat Power into this larger than life sound.

Cat Power : Ruin

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Daft Punk & Louis Vuitton

Leather jackets by Dior Homme
Daft Punk @ Louis Vuiton Paris Spring/Summer 2008
Courtesy of Kidz by Colette

First it was Cat Power performing at the Chanel fashion show in Paris, now Daft Punk spinning a mini-mix at the recent Louis Vuitton Paris show. Of course Mr. West was there.

Daft Punk spins a concise version of their live set from the past tour with a few awesome tracks mixed in like, the new SebastiAn remix of the Guy-Manuel Homem Christo produced track, Sexual Sportswear by Sebastien Tellier, Ratatat-Lex & Kanye West-Stronger.

Kanye to work with Michael Jackson
Hall & Oates – Portable Radio

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