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Asian Dan Presents: Gloves “House of Octavia Minimix” + Interview

Sam, the official Asian Dan intern was able to wrangle Australia’s own, Gloves to put together this 25 min minimix for the b-log as well as answer a few short questions. I sure do love me my Australian bands and producer/DJs.

Download: Asian Dan Presents Gloves “House of Octavia Minimix”

Asian Dan Interview: GLOVES

1. Who is GLOVES? How would you describe your music?

Gloves is me, Yama Indra. I also have wealth of talented friends that I collaborate on tracks with sometimes. A lot of the originals I have coming up feature contributions from friends. Up until now it’s been almost all disco & house orientated dance music, I have some new material I’ll be releasing later in the year though, there’ll be more dance music but there’s also some pop, soundtrack & RnB influenced tracks.

2. What are your influences, musical or otherwise? What are your first
musical memories?

Musically I have been into just about every genre at one time or another. Over the last year I’ve been listening to mainly RnB (old & new), 70’s Jazz, 70’s Psych & as always a lot of disco & house music. \
Other influences? Well I love giallo films, good food, playing tennis on Wednesday’s with Melbourne’s pop/disco/house mafia, traveling, thunderstorms, swimming, adventure & of course hanging tough with my
girlfriend & pals. The very first musical memory I can recall involved my sisters & I performing a dance & karaoke routine to Madonna ‘Material Girl’ in for our parents & their friends on a camping trip. I think we also did Poison’s ‘Nothing but a good Time’ & Michael Jackson’s ‘BAD’. Pretty lame huh. That & spending endless hours learning classical pieces on the family piano.

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Asian Dan Presents Pink Stallone’s “Man on The Moon” Micromix + Interview

Pink Stallone, a cosmic disco pop duo from New Jersey crafted this Micromix for Asian Dan in honor of man’s first steps on the moon. They are championed by Erol Alkan and Late of the Pier. Erol recently dropped a track of theirs on his BBC 6 residency show and Pink Stallone’s first 12″ was released on Zarcorp records, Late of the Pier’s personal label.

Download: Asian Dan Presents Pink Stallone’s “Man on The Moon” Micromix

Asian Dan Interview: Pink Stallone

1. Who is Pink Stallone?

Pink Stallone is two jersey kids recording sound in the abandoned house of a science fiction writer (seriously).

2. How would you describe your music?

A celebration of the failures of Futurism, in an abandoned house of a science fiction writer.

3. What is your first musical memory?

Like your first love, only much better.

4. What is the NJ music scene like and how does it feel to be getting more attention overseas?

There’s a NJ music scene? We normally stay inside. It appears as if like-minded individuals from all over the world have developed a heightened ability to locate one another, and we are grateful that such a process has enabled us to become part of a scene much larger and less literal.
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Asian Dan Exclusive Van She Tech Minimix + Interview

I found out through twitter that, Van She, one of my favorite Modular Records bands follows the b-log 🙂 Van She Tech was kind enough to put together an exclusive 26 min minimix for Asian Dan that showcases their ability to move hearts, minds, and feet. Nick also answered a few questions about Van She’s musical history, revealing that Hall & Oates’ “Private Eyes” is one of their favorite dance tracks. Anyone who says that understands music the true meaning of music in my mind.

Download: Asian Dan Exclusive Van She Tech Minimix

Asian Dan Interview: Van She

1. Who is Van She?

Van She is Nicky, Michael, Tomek and Matthew
Van She Tech is Nicky and Michael

2. How would you describe your music?

Krautrock/Pop i guess

3. What are your biggest influences? What was your first musical memory?

Well Mikey is Italian and his father was into Italo Disco and all the classics, Matt loves krauterock and Punk Funk like Liquid Liquid and Konk and Tomek and I grew up listening to MJ, Icehouse, INXS and all the seventies stuff … So we are all pretty different in backgrounds … I remember my first cassette tape was Icehouse electric blue and bananarama and MJ Bad … It was a 3 for the price of 1 deal

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Asian Dan Exclusive DJ Rampage Minimix + Interview

DJ Rampage Exclusive Asian Dan Minimix

Asian Dan Interview: DJ Rampage

1. Who is RAMPAGE?

Rampage is one person, Eddie is my real name. I am a DJ/producer/remixer from the southside of Chicago.

2. What are some of your influences? What was your first musical memory?

Some of my influences include lots of old Chicago house, ghetto house, anything with lots of bass, 90s rave techno, video games from Sega and Nintendo and many old horror films.
My first musical memory would be hearing my family listen to lots of different music from disco to R&B to salsa to oldies to freestyle to house and so on. That’s what basically made me love music.

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Asian Dan Exclusive Leonardus Minimix

Leonardus crafted this exclusive minimix for Asian Dan, it is quite an old school sounding mix showcasing that this Dutch DJ/Producer understands the elements of the old French Touch movement. Cheers, Leonardus for this mix!

Leonardus Exclusive Asian Dan Minimix

Asian Dan Exclusive Leonardus Minimix Tracklist:

1. Bob Sinclar – The Ghetto
2. Raw Man – Lovers
3. Modjo – Chillin (Buffalo Bunch Remix)
4. Gile – Discolor
5. For The Floorz – Body Angels
6. Madonna – Into The Groove (Sidechains Remix)
7. Sedat The Turkish Avenger – Never Let It Go

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Asian Dan Presents Emil & Friends “Astronaut Ice Cream Mixtape” + Interview

Emil & Friends crafted a mixtape that gives listeners a peak into his creative mind. Everything from 60s pop to 70s smooth pop and Prog rock to John Frusciante, MGMT & The Smashing Pumpkins. Sit back and enjoy this hour and 30 min musical lesson brought to you by Professor Emil.

Asian Dan Presents Emil & Friends “Astronaut Ice Cream Mixtape”
Tracklist at the end of the interview.

Here is a new track by Emil & Friends that is an introspective and folky feel good tune. The guitar work at the end reminds me of John Frusciante.
“Fame and fortune don’t mean shit to me. 0o0o0 baby now…”
Emil & Friends – The Shrine

Asian Dan Interview: Emil & Friends

1.  Who is Emil & Friends?  How would you describe your music?

Emil & friends has been called everything from a band to a boyfriend/girlfriend duo to one guy with multiple personalities. At this point, and most likely until a tour, there will just be me doing what needs to be done. So I guess its more the multiple personalities… More specifically, I play the instruments, write, sing, record, produce, mix, design strange graphics and animations (All these done usually while wearing a costume of some sort). When I decided to release something I picked the Emil & Friends label because it sounded average, showed I wasn’t taking myself too seriously, and that I wanted to collaborate and start a band in the future, should it happen that way. I figured as long as I made the music good enough it would stay afloat. It could always change to a reference from some cult movie. That seems standard these days.

A description of the music? Its kind of like buffet style servings that vacillate between nylon/electro dream fountain pop and driven crunchy disco dirt while stopping to sample flavors of soul, punk, trip hop and whatever else slips by undetected.

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Asian Dan presents BADBADBAD’s Barbarian Minimix

Asian Dan presents BADBADBAD’s Barbarian Minimix, quite a heavy mix from the 20 year producer from Pescara, Italy. You may know BADBADBAD from Splatter, a collaboration with NT89.

Asian Dan presents BADBADBAD’s Barbarian Minimix – An Asian Dan Exclusive

Asian Dan presents BADBADBAD’s Barbarian Minimix Tracklist:
Intro (badbadbad – you suck!)
Steve Aoki – 1967
Brian Sanhaji – Autumnal Equinox
Fare Soldi – Pagagheddon (Kill Phil rmx prod. by NT89)
Huoratron – $$ Troopers
badbadbad – Muscle
Zingone and Nina – Kick it (Stereoheroes remix)
A-Tek ft Van Scott – Nightlovers (Chewy Chocolate Cookies & JFK Remix)
Ludacris – One More Drink (Loud Party Remix)
badbadbad – Conan The Barbarian (demo!)

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Nighty Max Exclusive Asian Dan Mix

Nighty Max Exclusive Asian Dan Mix


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ARON Minimix for Asian Dan

ARON is a London based producer and DJ. He crafted this fantastic minimix for Asian Dan. Check that and some of his tracks. His productions have a 8-bit vibe to them but not in a tacky novelty way. They kind of remind me of LA Priest.

ARON Minimix for Asian Dan

ARON – Four Drops

ARON – Dusty Cigar

ARON Myspace

Minimix Tracklist after the jump.

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Asian Dan Exclusive Gingy Minimix + Interview

Gingy – Asian Dan Exclusive Gingy Minimix

1. Styrofoam Ones – OTTAP (Gingy remix)
2. Sebastien Leger – Victory (Lifelike remix)
3. The Korgis – Need Your Lovin (Laidback Luke remix)
4. Dubbel Dutch – Maser
5. Milt Mortez – Koho Gardner vs Golden Gloves – Next to Nothing

Gingy Myspace

Asian Dan Interview: Gingy

1. Who is Gingy?
I’m Gingy. 21, from Toronto. I help organize and DJ the Dirty Disko parties in London and More Proof in Toronto. I produce music in my basement at 4am between gigs.

2. What are your influences?
Sweaty crowds, hands in the air, screaming for more.

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