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Asian Dan Presents Pink Stallone’s “Man on The Moon” Micromix + Interview

Pink Stallone, a cosmic disco pop duo from New Jersey crafted this Micromix for Asian Dan in honor of man’s first steps on the moon. They are championed by Erol Alkan and Late of the Pier. Erol recently dropped a track of theirs on his BBC 6 residency show and Pink Stallone’s first 12″ was released on Zarcorp records, Late of the Pier’s personal label.

Download: Asian Dan Presents Pink Stallone’s “Man on The Moon” Micromix

Asian Dan Interview: Pink Stallone

1. Who is Pink Stallone?

Pink Stallone is two jersey kids recording sound in the abandoned house of a science fiction writer (seriously).

2. How would you describe your music?

A celebration of the failures of Futurism, in an abandoned house of a science fiction writer.

3. What is your first musical memory?

Like your first love, only much better.

4. What is the NJ music scene like and how does it feel to be getting more attention overseas?

There’s a NJ music scene? We normally stay inside. It appears as if like-minded individuals from all over the world have developed a heightened ability to locate one another, and we are grateful that such a process has enabled us to become part of a scene much larger and less literal.

5. Erol Alkan and Late of the Pier are both championing your music – any future collabs with either of them?

Well, our first collaboration with Late of the Pier, our debut 12” release with their Zarcorp Inc. label, has been underway for some time now. We have been working and conversing with them regularly, and it has been nothing but exciting for both of us.

We hit it off with Late of the Pier right away, and we expect that to be indication of a long and highly productive relationship with Zarcorp Inc. and anything else they wish for us to be involved in.

6. What are your top 5 tunes you put on to dance?

Top fives are difficult, but it might make it easier for us if we associate our picks with certain styles of dancing.

“Atomic Dog” by George Clinton : mimicking the instruments with your body :
“Try It Out” by Gino Soccio : Stares and head nods from the corner of the floor :
“Big Onion” Detroit Grand Pubahs : perverted gyrating :
“You Dropped A Bomb on Me” by Gap Band : Watch their video. Just like they do it :
“Small Talkin’ ” – Whispers : Slow Dance :

7. Future plans for Pink Stallone?

We are going to follow up hard on our Zarcorp 12” with a self-release 12” of our own. Also a limited pressing, we are expecting have it ready for early fall. In the meantime, we will be making mixes and tracks as often as possible, and possibly playing live should the right opportunity arise. We post everything we do on , so keep in touch.

Pink Stallone’s “Man on The Moon” Micromix Tracklist:

Ministry – I wanted to tell her
Sweet Cream – I don’t know what I’d do (if you ever left me)
David Naughton – Makin’ It
Maurice And The Cliches – Soft Core
Peter Brown – Can’t Be Love – Do It to Me Anyway
Delegation – Where’s the love (we used to know)
Whodoni – Freaks Come Out At Night
‘Om’ Alec Khaoli – You are the One (Bambo Wangu)
First Man on the Moon July 1969

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