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Egytian Hip Hop is a bunch of youngin’s from Manchester and Zarcorp’s latest release, Late of the Pier’s boutique label that has released Pink Stallone and other “weird” acts these past few years. At first listen of this Samuel Dust produce single “Heavenly” you can tell that they are definitely they are cut from the same DNA with their weird synth laden pop. Check out “Rad Pitt” and you can definitely hear some Cure in their music.

“Nifeo” a free form post punk exploratory jam featuring LA Priest aka Samuel Dust of Late of the Pier. An interesting piece in time that showcases what they are capable of. We shall see where Twenty-Ten takes these young men.

Also out March 1 on Phantasy Records is Late of the Pier’s new track “Best In the Class” an over the top weird prog pop track that I cannot wait for.

Egyptian Hip Hop – Heavenly

Egyptian Hip Hop – Nifeo

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Asian Dan Presents Pink Stallone’s “Man on The Moon” Micromix + Interview

Pink Stallone, a cosmic disco pop duo from New Jersey crafted this Micromix for Asian Dan in honor of man’s first steps on the moon. They are championed by Erol Alkan and Late of the Pier. Erol recently dropped a track of theirs on his BBC 6 residency show and Pink Stallone’s first 12″ was released on Zarcorp records, Late of the Pier’s personal label.

Download: Asian Dan Presents Pink Stallone’s “Man on The Moon” Micromix

Asian Dan Interview: Pink Stallone

1. Who is Pink Stallone?

Pink Stallone is two jersey kids recording sound in the abandoned house of a science fiction writer (seriously).

2. How would you describe your music?

A celebration of the failures of Futurism, in an abandoned house of a science fiction writer.

3. What is your first musical memory?

Like your first love, only much better.

4. What is the NJ music scene like and how does it feel to be getting more attention overseas?

There’s a NJ music scene? We normally stay inside. It appears as if like-minded individuals from all over the world have developed a heightened ability to locate one another, and we are grateful that such a process has enabled us to become part of a scene much larger and less literal.
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Late of the Pier x Beyond the Wizard’s Sleeve

And you thought the Klaxons were weird, meet Late of the Pier, Erol Alkan’s latest project. Erol Alkan is quite a versatile producer, first the Mystery Jets perfect pop sound and now this out of control sci-fi British punk funk disco pop. You maybe familiar with band member Samuel Eastgate’s side project, LA Priest that brought us all that great track “Engine” that Erol remixed last year. Late of the Pier, These New Puritans and Cazals are leading the wave of new British rock bands and I am quite excited 🙂

Late of the Pier – The Bears are Coming (Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve Remix)
Cheers, 20 Jazz Funk Greats
Zarcorp Blog
Late of the Pier Myspace

Late of the Pier – The Bears are Coming

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