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Asian Dan’s Guest List : Jonti Top 10 of 2012

2012 has been a busy and successful year for the man from down under brought to us via Stones Throw, Jonti. But this is no surprise, he was destined for success ever since he worked with Mark Ronson on his band Danimals a few years ago. This year finds Jonti on an extensive tour including opening up for Gotye on his North American tour. Jonti offers up his favorite tracks of 2012 along with some candid stories that each song soundtracked in his Life in 2012.

Asian Dan’s Guest List : Jonti Top 10 of 2012

Earl Sweatshirt – Chum

Everything bout this track is great. There is a truth and confusion of his surrounding’s that hits you over the head. I’ve listened to this nearly everyday since it’s release.

BRKFST Club – The Fellowship

Frikin love this track. From the Grizzly bear sample to every stellar verse, interaction and self shot playful video shot for the song.

Flying Lotus – Getting There feat. Niki Randa

Until The Quiet Come’s was instantly my favorite Flying Lotus release of his career so far and thats saying something! Something about the tranquility and focus of it mixed with the bangers was something special to me. Im sure when everyones mind flipped when they heard this for the first time on the short film and saw the now famous accompanying dance.
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Jonti : Sine & Moon (The Album)

The aussie beat monger, Jonti returns to offer up a free album of some early demos and unreleased tracks. For you unfamiliar with Jonti, he was part of the group Danimals, an Australian band that did a track with Mark Ronson. Definitely quite a nice thing to add to a musical resume. Jonti is his solo project that showcases what happens when psychedlic pop songwriting intersects with a head bopping beat aesthetic. “Sine & Moon” remind me of the Bullion “Pet Sounds in the Key of Dee” album that came out a few years ago. I like to think that, Jonti is to Stones Throw Records as Bibio is to Warp Records.

“People liked the songs on the Sine And Moon podcast, so I wanted to get them out for free. So I turned it into an album with extra’s, new mixes and original Jeff Jank Artwork. I really love these songs and I hope you enjoy!” – Jonti

Download: Jonti : Sine & Moon (The Album)

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Asian Dan’s Guest List : The Stepkids Top 10 of 2011

The Stepkids have made some big moves in 2011 with their self-titled LP which came out on the iconic Stones Throw Records this past fall. The Stepkids are that great moment when musicianship, impeccable songwriting, and a strong sonic and visual aesthetic all intersect – a very rare and difficult thing to tastefully pull off these days. The gents put together their favorite albums of the year which I strongly co-sign. Be sure to check out some of my favorite cuts from some of these releases as well as an amazing collaboration the Stepkids did with their labelmate, Jonti.

Asian Dan’s Guest List : The Stepkids Top 10 of 2011

Jonti – twirligig

Tuneyards – whokill

Ford & Lopatin- channel preasure

James Blake
 – James Blake
Tyler, The Creater- Goblin
Oneohtrix Point Never- Replica

Thundercat- The Golden Age of Apocalypse

Frank Ocean – Nostalgia/Ultra

Dam Mantle – first wave

Rustie – Glass Swords
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Music Videos : The Stepkids “Wonderfox”

Who knew mannequins could be so mysterious/sexy/trippy. “Wonderfox” is the 2nd single off of the self-titled Stepkids’ album coming out Sept 27 on Stones Throw Records.

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James Pants : Clouds Over the Pacific

James Pants has always been Stones Throw’s secret weapon, a weirdo talent amongst the gang of beat maestros. He crafts his own version of psychedelic electro pop that always intrigues. His latest self-titled album is no different but I feel has more of an emphasis on the Pop. “Clouds Over the Pacific” feels as if James is channeling some of the lofty pop vibes of Stereolab and Broadcast along side some hypnotic drum machine and a very-preset-pizzacato violin sound. Buy the album here.

James Pants – Clouds Over The Pacific

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The Stepkids + Emil & Friends @ Littlefield – Brooklyn, NY – 4.2.2011

I know that April 2, 2011 in NYC is a big day for indie music, for it is the final farewell to the indie synth gods LCD Soundsystem. But for those of you who did not get tickets (duh) or don’t care for James Murphy and co, make your way over to Littlefield in Brooklyn to witness a great pairing of acts, The Stepkids and Emil & Friends. There will be lasers, guitar solos, synths and dancing. So please join us.

Follow @ASIANDAN and retweet the following:

“RT to win 2 tix toThe Stepkids + Emil & Friends at @littlefieldnyc – BK – Sat 4.2.2011 @thestepkids @emilandfriends ”

The winner will be picked on Friday at 5 pm. RT RT RT!

Buy Tickets for $8

RSVP on Facebook

The Stepkids – Legend in My Own Mind

Brought to you by Sweet Touch Records, Littlefield, and Asian Dan.

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The Stepkids : Shadows on Behalf

Stones Throw Records have proven themselves to have a knack for finding contemporary artists that sound like they were lost tapes from the 70s found in an attic. The Stepkids are yet another example of a band that have nailed this nostalgic yet tastefully done recreation of 70s psychedlic prog-pop rock. They craft songs that are full of Rhodes runs a la Mahavishnu Orchestra/Herbie Hancock and vocal harmonies that would make Steely Dan proud. Be sure to check them out live, dates here.

Download: The Stepkids : Shadows on Behalf

Checkout a laser light of a live show below…
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Mayer Hawthorne & The County

A white boy from Detroit? 2008? Only Stone Throw Records could find such a gem of an artist in 2008. This track totally reminds me of the Delfonics. ill.
Mayer Hawthorne & The County – Just Ain’t Gonna Work Out

Mayer Hawthorne & The County Myspace

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James Pants x A-Trak x XXXchange

Ill remix by Trizzy aka A-Trak and XXXchange.

James Pants – Ka$h (Trizzy aka A-Trak + XXXchange Remix)

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Photos by Josh Weiner


Asian Dan Interviews: LIONSHARE

1. Who is LIONSHARE? How would describe your music?

J. Gatz: Pop rap.
Frontpage: Pop hop.
Hot Tub Jonny: Poppadopoulis. Ask Cam how to spell it.

2. Who makes all the beats? What is your creative process like?

J. Gatz: Frontpage wakes me up from deep R.E.M. sleep. I narrate my dream. We circle every third word in the transcript. We browse our record collection for songs including these words. Sampling is chance.
Frontpage: I melt the fillings of the dead. Add that to vinyl solution. Boil on high.
Hot Tub Jonny: Frontpage does the beats. He’s like that guy in the movie where he counts the quarters when he drops them. Or toothpicks. Raindance. The creative process involves, including but not limited too®: Côtes du Rhone, Hennessey, Triptofan, one way tickets to Feza, PBR, Louis XIII.

3. What are your biggest influences on your music?

J. Gatz: JLG, JLB, Cave Pearls, Pearl Harbor, Harbor Seals, Sealed Fates, Fate Albert, Albert Brooks, Bruichladdich, Zebra Cakes.
Frontpage: David Banner, David Banner. Lil Wayne, R.A.G.U., Snap hop, Alexander Scriabin, Tiny Tim, Wagner, Ian MacKaye, Stravinsky, Henry Rollins, Ex Models, Zebra Cakes.
Hot Tub Jonny: G. G. Allin, Nabokov, Caps Lock, Zebra Cakes.

4. What are your thoughts on the current state of hip-hop/rap?

J. Gatz: Last Christmas I prayed to Santa for a Busta Rhymes and Mystikal collaboalbum. No luck. Santa’s getting a dis track this year.
Frontpage: Sometimes the bass is too loud. One time I got sick from drinking old milk. I got a weak stomach! My stomach will continue to hurt until Mystikal gets out of jail and makes a full length with Busta Rhymes.
Hot Tub Jonny: New John Varvatos store in the Marcy Projects. Summer ’07!

5. Future plans for LIONSHARE? Any collabs or remixes?

: I’m moving to the desert. Play songs to the fireflies and rattlesnakes. Make some Indian friends. Both kinds of Indians. Remixes? I’ll remix myself a mojito. New York is kind of a mojito town.
Frontpage: Our first show is next Friday (the 13th of June @ Death By Audio in Brooklyn). We’re going to have a big record release party in late July. Painted hats! Faces obscured!
Hot Tub Jonny: Spinnas on your headphones. LIONSHARE headphones. They really spin!

6. Final thoughts or words for Asian Dan readers.

J.Gatz: See us live.
Frontpage: See us dead.
Hot Tub Jonny: Hear is dead.

Check out this track, it reminds me of something Madlib would produce. I love what LIONSHARE does to that classic sample especially during the chorus. If I was back in NYC I would definitely be at their debut show tomorrow night at Death By Audio in Brooklyn. So go represent Asian Dan and support LIONSHARE if you are in NYC and hit up this show!

LIONSHARE – Trip to Feza

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