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Modular Jam 2008: John Frusciante x Venetian Snares x Otto Von Schirach x Cyrusrex + others

Modular Jam 2008 at Cyrusrex’s house aka Geekfest 2008
Does anyone have a recording of this?! I need to hear this. John Frusciante rocking out on a 303!!!

Modular Jam 2008 – 6.10.2008 – Photos

Aaron Funk (Venetian Snares) – TR808 + Pedal FX
Alessandro Cortini (
Nine Inch Nails + Modwheelmood)- Buchla Modular
– Moog Little Phatty + FX Pedals
cEvin Key (
Skinny Puppy)- Tenori-On + Space Echo
– Moog Little Phatty + Frostwave + Various Pedals + Mackie 1604 + Pro Tools
– Moogerfooger FX + Nintendo DS
John Frusciante
(Red Hot Chili Peppers) – DevilFish TB303 + Innerclock Sync Shift
Otto Von Schirach
– TR909 + FX + Cell Phone
– Eurorack Modular and Pedal FX + Mobius

Aaron Fun (Venetian Snares) x John Frusciante

Anthony Kiedis at the Lakers Game last night rocking a Justice shirt, I guess he is a big fan. Oh and the Celtics are going to own the Lakers tomorrow night, sorry Glenjamn. And I know my boy Zack at is pumped for the Celtics. Let’s go Beantown!!

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Photos by Josh Weiner


Asian Dan Interviews: LIONSHARE

1. Who is LIONSHARE? How would describe your music?

J. Gatz: Pop rap.
Frontpage: Pop hop.
Hot Tub Jonny: Poppadopoulis. Ask Cam how to spell it.

2. Who makes all the beats? What is your creative process like?

J. Gatz: Frontpage wakes me up from deep R.E.M. sleep. I narrate my dream. We circle every third word in the transcript. We browse our record collection for songs including these words. Sampling is chance.
Frontpage: I melt the fillings of the dead. Add that to vinyl solution. Boil on high.
Hot Tub Jonny: Frontpage does the beats. He’s like that guy in the movie where he counts the quarters when he drops them. Or toothpicks. Raindance. The creative process involves, including but not limited too®: Côtes du Rhone, Hennessey, Triptofan, one way tickets to Feza, PBR, Louis XIII.

3. What are your biggest influences on your music?

J. Gatz: JLG, JLB, Cave Pearls, Pearl Harbor, Harbor Seals, Sealed Fates, Fate Albert, Albert Brooks, Bruichladdich, Zebra Cakes.
Frontpage: David Banner, David Banner. Lil Wayne, R.A.G.U., Snap hop, Alexander Scriabin, Tiny Tim, Wagner, Ian MacKaye, Stravinsky, Henry Rollins, Ex Models, Zebra Cakes.
Hot Tub Jonny: G. G. Allin, Nabokov, Caps Lock, Zebra Cakes.

4. What are your thoughts on the current state of hip-hop/rap?

J. Gatz: Last Christmas I prayed to Santa for a Busta Rhymes and Mystikal collaboalbum. No luck. Santa’s getting a dis track this year.
Frontpage: Sometimes the bass is too loud. One time I got sick from drinking old milk. I got a weak stomach! My stomach will continue to hurt until Mystikal gets out of jail and makes a full length with Busta Rhymes.
Hot Tub Jonny: New John Varvatos store in the Marcy Projects. Summer ’07!

5. Future plans for LIONSHARE? Any collabs or remixes?

: I’m moving to the desert. Play songs to the fireflies and rattlesnakes. Make some Indian friends. Both kinds of Indians. Remixes? I’ll remix myself a mojito. New York is kind of a mojito town.
Frontpage: Our first show is next Friday (the 13th of June @ Death By Audio in Brooklyn). We’re going to have a big record release party in late July. Painted hats! Faces obscured!
Hot Tub Jonny: Spinnas on your headphones. LIONSHARE headphones. They really spin!

6. Final thoughts or words for Asian Dan readers.

J.Gatz: See us live.
Frontpage: See us dead.
Hot Tub Jonny: Hear is dead.

Check out this track, it reminds me of something Madlib would produce. I love what LIONSHARE does to that classic sample especially during the chorus. If I was back in NYC I would definitely be at their debut show tomorrow night at Death By Audio in Brooklyn. So go represent Asian Dan and support LIONSHARE if you are in NYC and hit up this show!

LIONSHARE – Trip to Feza

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Goldfrapp x Processing: Audio Data Visualization

Solar, with lyrics. from flight404 on Vimeo

Goldfrapp – Solar: Data Visualization

Head over to and ask them about Processing, those dudes know a lot about it.

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