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Asian Dan’s Guest List : Jonti Top 10 of 2012

2012 has been a busy and successful year for the man from down under brought to us via Stones Throw, Jonti. But this is no surprise, he was destined for success ever since he worked with Mark Ronson on his band Danimals a few years ago. This year finds Jonti on an extensive tour including opening up for Gotye on his North American tour. Jonti offers up his favorite tracks of 2012 along with some candid stories that each song soundtracked in his Life in 2012.

Asian Dan’s Guest List : Jonti Top 10 of 2012

Earl Sweatshirt – Chum

Everything bout this track is great. There is a truth and confusion of his surrounding’s that hits you over the head. I’ve listened to this nearly everyday since it’s release.

BRKFST Club – The Fellowship

Frikin love this track. From the Grizzly bear sample to every stellar verse, interaction and self shot playful video shot for the song.

Flying Lotus – Getting There feat. Niki Randa

Until The Quiet Come’s was instantly my favorite Flying Lotus release of his career so far and thats saying something! Something about the tranquility and focus of it mixed with the bangers was something special to me. Im sure when everyones mind flipped when they heard this for the first time on the short film and saw the now famous accompanying dance.

Dirty Projectors – Just From Chevron

I love this album. My girls gonna hate me for telling this story but we were driving back to LA from Seattle at 3am and my phone and gps got stolen at a pit stop so we didn’t know how to get home. I just remember her looking around and being like ‘were lost in chevron!’ as if it were town or street. This song kinda makes it as if it were one too and reminds of her being cute and stuff from the tone of it too!

Flight Facilities – Clair De Lune

This is the latest single from them and its taken over my life with it’s excellence. Such a beautiful and intricate arrangement. It’s life affirming and inspiring. another high mark for Australian music this year.

Tame impala – Feels Like Were Only Going Backwards

How good is Lonerism?? Glorious and Epic start to finish! i listened to it nearly everyday on tour. My favorite song is maybe ‘why won’t they talk to me?’ but you can’t deny the brilliance of this single.

Melodies Echo Chamber – Quand Vas Tu Rentrer

I remember walking around a rainy Central Park listening to this for the first time. Totally wrapped in its beautiful swirling arrangement and production. The whole album is bliss.

King Krule – Rock Bottom

I performed in Japan with King Krule at the Taico festival in June. It was a brilliant festival. I remember seeing these young dudes running round causing mischief tagging everything etc. Turned out to be King Krule aka Zoo Kid aka Archy Marshall and his band. My brother and i got to know him and all we can say that Archy Marshall is the real deal. A kind dude that really cares about his art. He did a lil graf piece with his email which i treasure like rock memorabilia. His EP is one of my favorites of all time and this song is one of my fans of the year! I especially love the streets reference in the coda of the song.

Flume – Left Alone feat. Chet Faker

I needed to include these two artist’s in here somehow. Chet Faker is an absolute legend and his EP ‘Thinking in Textures’ is really firkin awesome. Flume is a massive producer here and has really opened the doors for electronic music within Australia which is a beautiful thing. His album is so good! It’s been so fantastic to have music come out of this country and for the youth to be so proud of it and not keep worrying if it makes moves in the US or UK or whatever. It’s a new Australian, at least in terms of the music scene here. and its very very exciting! Both Chet and Flume go in on this track.

Ariel Pink – Baby feat. Dam Funk

Beautiful cover. Dam has pipes! I have serene memories of singing this with my girl around Los Angeles too.

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