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Cyndi Seui Exclusive Minimix for Asian Dan – Made in Bangkok

Cyndi Seui Exclusive Minimix for Asian Dan – Made in Bangkok

Asian Dan Presents Thailand’s own Cyndi Seui with a 9 Minimix exclusively for Asian Dan. Enjoy the minimix and interview.

1. Eternity…….Capsule
2. When We Were Young (Shazam RMX) ….Sneaky Sound System
3. FlashBack…….Cyndi Seui …Kitsch Cat Compilation 001
4. DJ SAV MY LIFE ( Cyndi Ready Riot Dmix )
5. Cold Dust Girl ( 80kidz RMX )…Hey Champ
6. Dead or Alive – You spin me round (Nari & Milani RMX)
7. Little Bit ( AutoErotique Bootleg RMX )….Lykke li
8. Pogo ( Shinichi Osawa DUB )…Digitalism

Cyndi Seui – Flash Back Master 202

Kitsch Cat Minimix Teaser

Cyndi Seui Myspace

Asian Dan Interview: Cyndi Seui

1. Who is Cyndi Seui?

Cesar B. de Guzman aka Cyndi Seui is an electronic music producer in Bangkok running a music blog/ mini label by the name of KITSCH CAT…..In general….i werk as a senior music producer in smallroom music label ( Bangkok pop music label ). One part of my life is doing a commercial music for TVC and radio mostly around asia and some in Europe. And the other part of my werk is producing artist in Smallroom music label. And Kitsch Cat is all for my own passion of making electronic music with my friend….”Kitsch Cat is the next Big thing for me to continue making electronic music possible”

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Lykke Li x AutoErotique

AutoErotique was once known as VNDLSM, the banger-tastic Toronto duo that brought you those great remixes of Rihanna & Chaka Khan. Keith, 1/2 of AutoErotique sent me over this bootleg remix of Lykke Li’s “Little Bit”, good stuff. The duo was just recently signed to Mr. Aoki’s Dim Mak Records and will be releasing a new EP soon. Let’s see what these Torontonians have in store for the dance world.

Lykke Li – Little Bit (AutoErotique Bootleg Remix)

Asian Dan Interview: Autoerotique

1. Who is Autoerotique? Why the name change from VNDLSM?
Autoerotique is Diet Dave & Keith Lite, they are the younger cousins of VND and his friend LSM

2. What is like to be part of the Toronto music scene?
Toronto is amazing in terms of music. We have so many amazing groups\acts breaking out, Thunder Heist, Nacho Lovers, Jokers of the Scene (Ottawa is close enough to toronto), of course MSTRKRFT & Deadmau5 to name a few.

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Lykke Li x Fred Falke

Lykke Li – I’m Good, I’m Gone (Fred Falke Remix)

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Asian Dan Interview: Fred Falke

Photo by Derrick Wildstar

1. What made you want to start making music? Did your upbringing and family have a big influence on why you decided to make music? Has music always been your main job and only way to make money?

My father was a pianist, and we had a piano, so I spent a lot of times listening to him and playing. Also I’ve always enjoyed listen to records since I was a kid.
I screwed up my studies, so my only job has been music, always.

2. Brian Eno once said “Play more things that make me dance around and less things that make me sit and look miserable in a plastic chair”. I definitely see that this mindset has infiltrated mainstream music in the past few years. What are your thoughts on this?

When I record a track, I always think: “Would I like to listen to it and dance?” This is the way I like music, I want it to make me feel good.
Also I like to listen to the music that suits my mood, sometimes when I feel like sitting down and relaxing and it’s raining outside and I listen to Satelite of Love by Lou Reed and I feel so good, not sad at all. That’s the magic of the music.

3. Who are your favorite producers? Who are your favorite bassists?

The Neptunes are brilliant, simple and massive production, i like them!
I also like Snoop Dog, for the same reason, simple ideas, and big sound, it goes straight into your mind! And of course Kanye West, he’s legend.
As for bass players, I’ve listened to a lot of them while studying bass guitar, but only a few keep driving me crazy, the best of all is the late GARY KING, just awesome, brilliant musician and bass player, I love his sound and every bassline he recorded is just magic to my hears, he is the best. Also John Entwistle from The Who was a big influence to me, he always plays the right note @ the right time, and makes the songs so big.

4. What are your top 3 songs that make you dance? What are your top 3 albums/tracks that make you want to rock?

Soul Bells from Le Knight Club
Unplugged from DJ Falcon
Deep Snside from Hardrive

The Who “Who are You?” – I can listen to it endlessly.
Ozzy Osbourne, “Live@Budokan”
Incubus “Light Grenades”

5. What have you been listening to lately? What music today excites you and see going places in 2008?

Latest album from Katalyst, so good, I dig that 60’s vibe, and the band Sparkadia, they are really great.I like many kind of music, hip-hop, pop, dance, rock whatever makes me grind and dance is cool! I think the mix of the genres is what makes music go further, to the next step.

6. What is your favorite piece of musical gear? What is your favorite envelope filter for bass?

My E-MU SP1200, this is the best music gear ever, so simple to use the sound is banging, you can make an album with it!
For bass I have my old Mutron 3 and a Meatball Filter, they sound so cool.

7. Any plans of starting an all-star electronic “band” like Steve Aoki, The Faint & Boys Noize? It would be impressive to see all of you DJ’s and producers “rock out”. Maybe a big collaboration with Alan Braxe, Kris Menace and some your other dance colleagues is in the works? Any big releases or exciting news you would like to share? When are you coming to the states?

Alan & I are not working together anymore.
I’ve met so many talented people I wish to make music with, Knightlife, Miami Horror, Kris Menace…we just need to catch up in studio.
I’ve just finished a remix for Lykke Li a singer, great voice, and also I’ve finished my next release, need to get it signed now , hahah!
I’ll be working on my own solo album in the next few months.
I Definitely want to play in the USA!!!
The sooner the better, need to get gigs, any promoters reading? 🙂

Fred Falke Myspace

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Lykke Li

This past weekend DJ David Day spun a set on Boston’s WERS 88.9 Revolutions and dropped the Chromatics’ Night Drive that segued into this track by Little Bit by Lykke Li a swedish pop singer with a very sweet, italo disco voice reminiscent of Donna Summer with her breathy falsetto. This track is so catchy. I also love the Balinese Gamelan sounding rhythm section.
Lykke Li – Little Bit

Download David Day’s Set on WERS 88.9 Revolution
sQuare Productions Blog
WERS Website

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