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Cyndi Seui Exclusive Minimix for Asian Dan – Made in Bangkok

Cyndi Seui Exclusive Minimix for Asian Dan – Made in Bangkok

Asian Dan Presents Thailand’s own Cyndi Seui with a 9 Minimix exclusively for Asian Dan. Enjoy the minimix and interview.

1. Eternity…….Capsule
2. When We Were Young (Shazam RMX) ….Sneaky Sound System
3. FlashBack…….Cyndi Seui …Kitsch Cat Compilation 001
4. DJ SAV MY LIFE ( Cyndi Ready Riot Dmix )
5. Cold Dust Girl ( 80kidz RMX )…Hey Champ
6. Dead or Alive – You spin me round (Nari & Milani RMX)
7. Little Bit ( AutoErotique Bootleg RMX )….Lykke li
8. Pogo ( Shinichi Osawa DUB )…Digitalism

Cyndi Seui – Flash Back Master 202

Kitsch Cat Minimix Teaser

Cyndi Seui Myspace

Asian Dan Interview: Cyndi Seui

1. Who is Cyndi Seui?

Cesar B. de Guzman aka Cyndi Seui is an electronic music producer in Bangkok running a music blog/ mini label by the name of KITSCH CAT…..In general….i werk as a senior music producer in smallroom music label ( Bangkok pop music label ). One part of my life is doing a commercial music for TVC and radio mostly around asia and some in Europe. And the other part of my werk is producing artist in Smallroom music label. And Kitsch Cat is all for my own passion of making electronic music with my friend….”Kitsch Cat is the next Big thing for me to continue making electronic music possible”

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2. What are your big influences? Who are your favorite DJs/Producers?

My main influences is possibly soul, motown, lounge, 80s, and mostly electronic music….like French Electro……My favorite inspiration is Michael Jackson cuz i learn so much from his album….. back from “off the wall”….Try to get those those taste of music mashup with french electro and tweak electronic music…. My favorite artist/ producer today i pick probably be Breakbot, Sexy Sythesizer, Van She, Grum, Jupiter and Peace Fire…..They all create very beautiful music to their unique music taste today…..

3. What are your top 5 favorite dance songs?

1. Down in LA ( Shazam RMX Instrumental ) , MUNK
2. Nightdrive With you ( Grum’s New Wave RMX ), Anoraak
3. Circuit ( Siriusmo RMX) David Rubato
4. Replay ( Justin Faust RMX ), Electric Youth
5. Baby ( Breakbot RMX ) PNAU

4. What is the Asian electronic/dance music scene like specifically in Thailand?

For me, now is fairly getting along well now…..there are more other people doing an experimental, post rock, idm and shoegazers in the indy scene….But for us kitsch cat….we really try to focus on Electronic music and Dancey stuff…….so im saying it going to grow a bigger crowd soon by this coming year…..We have a good support of many good party organizer in Bangkok like Dude Sweet, SuperSub, Plastic Troop, and more that i didnt mension …..So it will get Bigger soon….

5. Future plans for Cyndi Seui and Kitsch Cat Records? Tours? Releases?

For Cyndi Seui album im looking forward to start doing my third album with Smallroom music label ( my elder support music label that i werk with )
For Kitsch Cat…..we try to get our tracks to be able to sell it on line….and sell people our hard copy of Kitsch Cat compilation everywhere possible…..Cuz now we have already launch our first compilation album now in Bangkok and want to sell them outside too as well………And upcoming RMX and Orignal music from Kitsch Cat will be upload in our site…… for u to update and download it…..and we will Produce a new series which will launch every end of the year possible……as a hardcopy of CD album…every tour date and releases will be post on our site….

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