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2008 Grammy Nominees Announced: The Grammys are giving a black man a chance.

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For all you who don’t remember here is Kanye’s VMA flip out.

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Kanye with Thomas & Guy-Man

Kanye West is in the lead with 8 nominations. Amy Winehouse comes in second wiht 6 nominations. Timbaland seems to have his hand in every category. Smart guy.

NY Times & The Grammys
2008 Grammy Nominess

Some of the categories:

Best Female Vocal Performances:
Christina Aguilera – Candyman
Feist – 1234 Feist – 1234 (Van She Tech Remix)*Better than the Original*
Fergie – Big Girls Don’t Cry
Nelly Furtado – Say It Right*My fav track off Loose*
Amy Winehouse – Rehab

Best Dance Recording:
The Chemical Brothers – Do It Again
Mika – Love Today
Rihanna – Don’t Stop The Music
Justin Timberlake – LoveStoned/I Think She Knows

Justin Timerblake – LoveStoned (Justice Remix)

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Justice @ Terminal 5 – 10.20.2007

This epic night began with a surprise crowd warm-up set by the one and only Busy P. Highlights of his set include, SebastiAn’s H.A.L., Kraftwerk, and The White Stripe’s Icky Thump. The Midnight Juggernauts took the stage next and blew me away. They brought an epic rock vibe that could not be captured on their album, Dystopia. They had seamless transitions between their songs that included a cover of Justice’s Waters of Nazareth. They closed with an unreleased track called Blitzkrieg that reminded me of Giorgio Moroder meets King Crimson/Yes. Justice took the stage and ceased to amaze. Their set included heavy remixes of their repotoire that weaved in and out of each other. Phantom I & II and Stress were highlights for me. We are Your Friends ended with a Metallica sample that set the crowd off. For an encore they closed with Metallica’s Master of Puppets. The crowd continued to sing We are Your Friends for a good 5 mins until Gaspard and Xavier emerged on the balcony, Xavier climbed on the banister until Busy P came out to rescue him. I spotted Kanye on the side with So-Me taking photos with his camera phone and I was expecting him to bum rush the stage and steal the spotlight but he showed restraint and hid behind a pole most of the show. I missed out on Erol Alkan at Studio B after the show which sucks cause at 3 am Xavier made an appearance and spun for til 5 🙁

Kanye chillin with So-Me, Busy P & Justice backstage

Brooklynvegan Review

Angel & I feelin’ it hard.

Phantom Live

Justice – Stress (Live@Mezzanine – San Fransisco)

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$9.6 million dollars earned from 1.2 million "free" downloads.

Radiohead’s Earnings

Even the humble Kanye is giving them props. Kanye’s Blog

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Daft Punk & Louis Vuitton

Leather jackets by Dior Homme
Daft Punk @ Louis Vuiton Paris Spring/Summer 2008
Courtesy of Kidz by Colette

First it was Cat Power performing at the Chanel fashion show in Paris, now Daft Punk spinning a mini-mix at the recent Louis Vuitton Paris show. Of course Mr. West was there.

Daft Punk spins a concise version of their live set from the past tour with a few awesome tracks mixed in like, the new SebastiAn remix of the Guy-Manuel Homem Christo produced track, Sexual Sportswear by Sebastien Tellier, Ratatat-Lex & Kanye West-Stronger.

Kanye to work with Michael Jackson
Hall & Oates – Portable Radio

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So Blur reunited, Graham Coxon is back on the team.
I personally dislike Damon Albarn and everything he has done but Blur was such a good band.

Blur – Coffee & TV
Blur – Boys & Girls

Kanye & So-Me
Kanye has that whole international flair that no one can say isn’t cool. He has the uber-hip French on his side and the cutting edge Japanese. He can’t be stopped.

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Para One – Naissance des Pieuvres

Para One has quite a diverse sonic personality that rivals Aphex Twin. There is something so haunting and warm about his score for Naissance de Pieuvres, something very similar to Boards of Canada and early 70s movie synth soundtracks by Wendy Carlos and John Carpenter.

Para One – Les Allées

Para One – Blank


More love for Radiohead.

Radiohead – Down Is The New Up (Live)

9 Days and counting til In Rainbows.

Serge Gainsbourg


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Ah thats why I love you.

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Radiohead is one of those bands that I stray away from then I listen to my favorite songs by them and realize again why I love them so much and why they are so damn good. I am so anxious to hear new music from them. Their blog Dead Air Space has been leaving clues about their LP number 7 which they have been working on and documenting on the site for the past year and a half.
Dead Air Space

Here are some tracks that remind me why I love Radiohead:

Radiohead – Talk Show Host (From The Romeo & Juliet Soundtrack)
Radiohead – Maquiladora (Live@Astoria – London, England – 5.27.1994)
PJ Harvey & Thom Yorke – This Mess We’re In
Radiohead – Life In A Glasshouse
Radiohead – The Gloaming (Live@ Glastonbury Festival 2003)

Depeche Mode is another band that I have falling outs with but then I listen to that track that got me from day one and I just fall in love all over again ::swoon:: I remember the first time I heard a Depeche Mode song was in 8th grade when I heard the Sasha and John Digweed remix of Enjoy the Silence, a great track off of “Violator”. You should all check out David Gahan’s new solo album, Hourglass.
David Gahan Myspace

Some love for D-Mode:

Depeche Mode – Blue Dress
Depeche Mode – Suffer Well
Depeche Mode – Strange Love
Depeche Mode – Dream On

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Can-ye West

So we all know that Kanye owned 50 Cent (50 Cent Cancels Europe Tour). Graduation is amazing not just because Kanye sampled Steely Dan – Kid Charlemagne, Michael Jackson – P.Y.T. and had Jon Brion, Timbaland AND Daft Punk produce a track but because he sampled Can. He isn’t the first rapper to do so, Kurupt sampled Can’s most famous song “Vitamin C” on his track “Stalkin” but Kanye uses the hook so well on “Drunk and Hot Girls”.

Daft Punk & Kanye

Let’s all show some love and respect to Can since “All roads do lead to, Can.” Even Erol Alkan spins some Can related music on his BBC6 mix, Holger Czukay, Jah Wobble & Liebezeit – How Much Are They?

And here is an amazing cover of Can by Radiohead.
Radiohead – The Thief (Can Cover off, Delay 1968)

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