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Daft Punk x Disney x Tron

What a classic and about time pairing, Daft Punk, Disney and Tron, three pop culture institutions that evoke such nostalgia, childhood imagination and glee in everyone that experiences them. I have a feeling that the score is going to sound like their b-side track from Daft Club, “Ouverture”, a 70s tinged track that sounds like they are paying homage to Wendy Carlos, the famous organist/synthist that provided noises for The Shining and the score for the original Tron.

Daft Punk – Ouverture

Billboard: Daft Punk Scores TR2N Soundtrack

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Para One – Naissance des Pieuvres

Para One has quite a diverse sonic personality that rivals Aphex Twin. There is something so haunting and warm about his score for Naissance de Pieuvres, something very similar to Boards of Canada and early 70s movie synth soundtracks by Wendy Carlos and John Carpenter.

Para One – Les Allées

Para One – Blank


More love for Radiohead.

Radiohead – Down Is The New Up (Live)

9 Days and counting til In Rainbows.

Serge Gainsbourg


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