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Para One & Tacteel “Fair Enough” EP

Giorgio Moroder, Jean Michel-Jarre, Kraftwerk, Jan Hammer and now Para one & Tacteel. These two Frenchmen have teamed up to continue this tradition of exploratory/cinematic electronic music with a touch of 2011. I was intrigued by this project when I saw
this video
of the two gentlemen a few months ago in the studio twisting knobs and noodling on synth keys. It is always refreshing to see electronic musicians using analog hardware rather than starring at a laptop screen. I assume that hardware jam session gave birth to this “Fair Enough” EP which is out now on Fools Gold Records. It is a collection of 5 songs that exist in our forever expanding post-genre world. You may listen to these tracks on an iPod/Mac Laptop Speakers, on a proper soundsystem and you may choose to dance or ponder life – the choice is in your hands.

Buy the EP on Beatport now.

Stream the full “Fair Enough” EP at

Bonus: Check out this 45 min live performance by Para One & Tacteel as they twist, turn and dial in the perfect sonic combinations that may make you dance or ponder the meaning of life.

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Treasure Fingers x Jackson

Jackson of Jackson & His Computer Band turns Treasure Fingers’ disco house pop track into an epic space house track ready for the dancefloor. Now the question is when will we hear some new music from Jackson…

Download @ Treasure Fingers – Keep Up (Jackson Remix)

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Asian Dan Presents Nick Catchdubs “Pink Lemonade” Mix + Q&A

Nick Catchdubs has made his rounds in the blogosphere and in the IRL music scene. From co-founding the one and only, Fool’s Gold Records to throwing the famed Flashing Lights party in NYC and everything in between, he is a man of many musical hats. Nick was kind enough to throw together this mix of some his favorite tunes at the moment as well as answering a few questions about his and Fool’s Gold Records musical mission. So sit back and enjoy Nick Catchdubs’ “Pink Lemonade” Mix (Ha! I just got it.).

Download: Asian Dan Presents Nick Catchdubs “Pink Lemonade” Mix

Asian Dan Q&A: Nick Catchdubs

1. Who is Nick Catchdubs and what is that you do? Why do you do what you do?

I guess the simple answer is that I am a DJ, musician and record label co-owner. I have worn a lot of other hats (designer, editor, writer) but not so much these days because I devote all my free time to the label and my own music. I have been DJing professionally for the past 7 years and have been running Fool’s Gold with A-Trak for almost 3 of those. As far as WHY I do what I do… I’ve just been obsessed with music and art and media and pop culture ever since I was a very little kid, this didn’t happen by accident. I would still be making my own stuff and thinking about different ways to put it out into the world it even if it wasn’t a “career,” you know?

2. You are co-pilot of the famed Fool’s Gold Records, how has the trip been so far since you guys took off? What is Fool’s Gold Recs main mission?

It’s been fun and satisfying to launch artists’ careers, and help our friends’ music make an impact in the world at large. The mission has always been the same: to share the world that we are a part of creatively – the people around us, our friends and peers, new talents we discover – with official releases that could really stand the test of time. To put out records that could transcend blogs (no offense) and individual scenes and genres, to build up the brand so that it really stands for something unique and high quality. If I humbly say so myself…
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Treasure Fingers x Chromeo

Chromeo work their magic 80s pop touch to turn this Treasure Fingers’ disco tune into a Hall & Oates’ tinged track. Do the marshmallow and the electric slide. I can’t wait for the Chromeo remix of Vampire Weekend!

Treasure Fingers – Cross the Dancefloor (Chromeo Remix)

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Sammy Bananas – Overseas, Baby

Sammy Bananas – Overseas, Baby


Mstrkrft – Bounce (A-trak mix)
Gameboy / Gamegirl – Fruit Salad
CSS – Move (Cut Copy remix)
Sammy Bananas – Jock Jam
The Drill – Piano Mano
Laid Back – White Horse (Klaas remix)
Corey Hart – Sunglasses at Night (OCD Automatic mix)
Prince – Cloreen Bacon Skin
Tittsworth – WTF (Sammy Bananas mix)
Bounce Camp – Big Dancin
Treasure Fingers – Cross the Dancefloor (chromeo mix)
Kylie Minogue – Love at First Sight (ruff and jam 7″ mix)

Oct 2nd – Oslo, Norway – The Villa
Oct 3rd – Trondheim, Norway – Supa
Oct 4th – Helsinki, Finland – Top Billin
Oct 9th – London, UK – YoYo
Oct 11th – Nottingham, UK – Market Bar

Fool’s Gold Records Blog

Scion CD Sampler Volume 22: Fool’s Gold Remixed:

Disc 1 (Fool’s Gold Remixed):

01 Treasure Fingers: “Cross the Dancefloor (Chromeo Remix)”
02 A-Trak: “Say Whoa (DJ Spinna Remix)”
03 Nacho Lovers: “Acid Life (Surkin Remix)”
04 Trackademicks: “Enjoy What You Do (Shadow Dancer Remix)”
05 Kid Sister: “Pro Nails (Rusko Remix)”
06 Nacho Lovers: “Go On (Blu Jemz Remix)”
07 Jokers of the Scene: “Baggy Bottom Boys (JOTS Remix)”
08 Kid Cudi: “Day ‘N’ Nite (Jori Hulkkonen Remix)”

Disc 2 (24 Karat Hits):

01 Kid Sister: “Control”
02 A-Trak: “Say Whoa”
03 Trackademicks: “Enjoy What You Do”
04 Treasure Fingers: “Cross the Dancefloor”
05 Treasure Fingers: “Cross the Dancefloor (Laidback Luke Remix)”
06 Jokers of the Scene: “Baggy Bottom Boys”
07 Nacho Lovers: “Go On”
08 Congorock: “Runark”
09 Kid Cudi: “Day ‘N’ Nite (Crookers Remix)”
10 Kid Sister: “Pro Nails (SMD Remix)”

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Treasure Fingers x Lifelike

Treasure Fingers – Cross the Dancefloor (Lifelike Remix)
Old school French Touch sound 🙂

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