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Para One & Tacteel “Fair Enough” EP

Giorgio Moroder, Jean Michel-Jarre, Kraftwerk, Jan Hammer and now Para one & Tacteel. These two Frenchmen have teamed up to continue this tradition of exploratory/cinematic electronic music with a touch of 2011. I was intrigued by this project when I saw
this video
of the two gentlemen a few months ago in the studio twisting knobs and noodling on synth keys. It is always refreshing to see electronic musicians using analog hardware rather than starring at a laptop screen. I assume that hardware jam session gave birth to this “Fair Enough” EP which is out now on Fools Gold Records. It is a collection of 5 songs that exist in our forever expanding post-genre world. You may listen to these tracks on an iPod/Mac Laptop Speakers, on a proper soundsystem and you may choose to dance or ponder life – the choice is in your hands.

Buy the EP on Beatport now.

Stream the full “Fair Enough” EP at

Bonus: Check out this 45 min live performance by Para One & Tacteel as they twist, turn and dial in the perfect sonic combinations that may make you dance or ponder the meaning of life.

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