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Babyshambles x Cazals

Paul McCartney Smokes Up at Led Zeppelin Show

This is a track handpicked by the Babyshambles for their compilation album, Back to the Bus. As you all know Pete Doherty is good friends with the Cazals and lets hope to see some collaboration in the future.
Cazals – New Boy in Town

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Here is a great interview with Pete Doherty on the Jonathan Ross show. Save Pete Doherty!!! Let’s not let this talent waste away!!

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Radiohead DIY Packaging

Ha! So Rock & Roll

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Minus the Bear – Live @ King Tuts – Glasgow, Scotland – 12.12.2007

All Photos taken by Gabbie de Lara

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Dita x Cazal

Cazals Myspace

Brit dance punk x ill street cred x tight basslines x old school brit punk vox =
Cazals – Poor Innocent Boys

OK, so let’s begin with some things you may already know about Cazals:
1. They’ve known Pete Doherty since they were boys, and have toured with Babyshambles.
2. On account of living in London and – y’know – knowing how to dress well, some people think they’re fashonistas;
3. All five of ’em used to live together. In Whitechapel;
4. A couple of them made cameo appearances in Nathan Barley.
5. They used to put on all night warehouse parties – most notably Cazalaid, organised to raise money after ALL their equipment got stolen – in London’s east end. Bloc Party played. It was a great night.
6. They opened for Daft Punk in Japan.

Just wait till Kanye becomes a fan.

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Girls Are Short & Cassius

Check this great remix that I just rediscovered today as my iPod was on shuffle. It is a remix of Death from Above 1979 R.I.P. , by Girls are Short aka ALP, 1/2 of MSTRKRFT. It is a totally paying homage to French Filter House. Note the psuedo- Stardust guitar part.

Death from Above 1979 – Romantic Rights (Girls are Short Remix)

I also just started listening to Cassius today and just found out that they are now a band. After being on the French scene for years as an influential French duo they decided to acoustify and translate their songs into the rock and roll world. Pharrell is boys with them so that gives them some street cred as well as having Ghostface make an appearence on their 2nd album, Au Reve. Here is a track from their album 1999.
Cassius – Feelings for You

Pharrell & Cassius chatting.

Cassius Myspace

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Chromatics are on the New Jersey based label, Italians Do it Better. A label that is in love witht he classic Italo-Disco sound pioneered by Giorgio Moroder. The vocals on their tracks remind me of the sexy. whispery vocals of Donna Summer.

Simple and catchy, yet dark and sophisticated:
Chromatics – I Want You Love

This track reminds me off a “Shadowplay” by Joy Division especially the lead guitar. This is like a sexy Joy Division cover band
Chromatics – Healer

Chromatics Myspace

This track exemplifies the amazing Italian Baroque sense of melody that The Bloody Beetroots have just like past Italian disco greats, Rondo Veneziano. They are a versatile duo that I believe are going to do big things in the future.
The Bloody Beetroots – Verra La Morte e Avra i Tuoi Occhi

The Bloody Beetroots PIG Radio DJ Set

The Bloody Beetroots Myspace

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BTTLS: Pop Fractal Rock

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Paper Thin Walls: Exclusive track by track interview with Battles
United Visual Artists

Time Magazine’s Top 10 Albums of the Year

Striped V-Neck wearing indie kid: “Wow Time Magazine when did you get so indie?!”

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French Dynasty

1/2 JUS†ICE x 1/2 Daft Punk = Imagine the music they could make!!

Courtesy of the House Music Lovers Forum. Holla.

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NT89 & Fred Falke

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NT89 Myspace
NT89 is an up and coming Italian DJ who has done remixes for Justice, Boys Noize, and Busy P. His free ep that he just released online reminds me of Giorgio Moroder meets Kavinsky’s nostalgic 80s synth sounds cranked to 11. I love his disorted synth arppeggios. NT89 & The Bloody Beetroots are opening for Justice during their Italian tour dates.

NT89 – Killer 89 EP – Free Download

Kavinsky x Sega Genesis

Fred Falke Myspace
Fred Falke is the other half of another famous French duo, Alan Braxe & Fred Falke, another famous French Touch duo. Fred Falke was a funk bass player before he began to dabble in electronic music. You can hear his great funky compressed basslines on many of his own tracks as well as remixes such as the.

Fred Falke – Omega Man *Highly Recommended*

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Karlheinz Stockhausen – Helicopter String Quartet


Karlheinz Stockhausen “Sounds”

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