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Minus the Bear – Guns & Ammo

So here is a post by Asian Dan to remind everyone that there is more to music than just electro bangers. I feel like the electronic music scene is getting a little stale. I am on the quest now to find new music. Hey Champ, Jamie Lidell, Fleet Foxes & Jean Nipon have been in heavy rotation on my end.

Anyways I just found out that Minus the Bear released an Acoustic EP October 7. I shall be seeing them next week in Boston, I have seen them every year at least once these past 4 years. They are on tour now supporting their new Acoustic EP, here is a taste of their acoustic sound from their Daytrotter Session from this past summer. Definitely a new and different vibe for them.

Minus the Bear – Guns & Ammo

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Minus the Bear – Live @ King Tuts – Glasgow, Scotland – 12.12.2007

All Photos taken by Gabbie de Lara

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Menomena & Minus The Bear

It was 2002, my sophomore year of high school and my friend who just graduated gave me a cd full of bands
that I still listen to today during a time when all I listened to was the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Incubus. Minus The Bear, The Planet The, and Menomena were on that cd. All bands from the Northwest, Minus the Bear from Seattle and The Planet The and Menomea from Portland, the hipster haven for those Green indie-lectuals. Minus The Bear I consider to be a major part of my soundtrack of my life. The Planet The were an awesome prog synth band that surprised me.

And Menomena I band that I fell in love with after hearing this song:
Menomena – The Great Late Libdo (Off “I am the Fun Blame Monster”)

I had the pleasure of seeing Menomena perform live this past Friday and was blown away by them. They reminded me of Van Der Graaf Generator whenever singer, Justin Harris would play baritone sax and play his Moog Taurus, a staple synth of 70 prog rock bands. Menomena is a band that I see going places in the future. They have a sound that is so pop with their amazing 3 part harmonies and multi-tasking instrumentation that is tasteful. The drummer, Danny Seim is a gentle giant that pounded the drums with such ease and established grooves that were linear and reminded me of a percussion section in an orchestra. The keyboardist/guitarist/glockenspier, Brent Knopf provided the band with a class and sophistication through his well thought piano parts that Debussy or Gershwin would enjoy. Overall Menomena is a band that, “musicates”, striking a balance between technical musicianship and pop craftsmenship while leaving space for the imagination to fill in those gaps.

Photos from the Menomena show in Boston, 11.9.2007

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A great stripped down Menomena set featuring songs from their latest album, Friend and Foe.
Menomena – Live on WERS 88.9 FM

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Minus the Bear – Spritz!!! Spritz!!!

The Planet The – Arty Movie

Cheers Jack Kalish


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Hall & Oates + Todd Rundgren = ??!?!?!!!!! And some other new music

In 1974 an amazing collaboration occurred between two musical giants to produce an album that very few know about. “War Babies” a prog pop masterpiece that serves as a precursor of what amazing music these musical mavens would create. Todd Rundgren’s Utopia played all the music on the album providing a sound reminiscent of the prog greats of the time such as Yes, Genesis & King Crimson. I liken this album to what Minus the Bear does in the 21st century. Prog Pop at its best.
Hall & Oates – Beanie G. and The Rose Tattoo

Justin Timberlake totally rips off Andy Gibb, the youngest Bee Gee’s brother who was too good to be in the group and had to go solo. He was a total baller rock star and died of a drug overdose, too bad.
Andy Gibb – (Our love) Don’t Throw it All Away

Check out my boy Zack’s band Radiation Year and their new song from their upcoming cd, “Age of the Everglades”. They are a fresh sounding hardcore band that evokes the energy of Rage Against the Machine and just makes you want to kick someone in the face.
Radiotion Year – Sex On the Beach

Here is some German electro goodness from our boy, Boys Noize. Cranking out the distorted, tight, synth sounds that no one can resist. Check out the rest of his album Oi Oi Oi which comes out this week.
Boys Noize – Let’s Buy Happiness

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