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Babyshambles x Cazals

Paul McCartney Smokes Up at Led Zeppelin Show

This is a track handpicked by the Babyshambles for their compilation album, Back to the Bus. As you all know Pete Doherty is good friends with the Cazals and lets hope to see some collaboration in the future.
Cazals – New Boy in Town

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Here is a great interview with Pete Doherty on the Jonathan Ross show. Save Pete Doherty!!! Let’s not let this talent waste away!!

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Dita x Cazal

Cazals Myspace

Brit dance punk x ill street cred x tight basslines x old school brit punk vox =
Cazals – Poor Innocent Boys

OK, so let’s begin with some things you may already know about Cazals:
1. They’ve known Pete Doherty since they were boys, and have toured with Babyshambles.
2. On account of living in London and – y’know – knowing how to dress well, some people think they’re fashonistas;
3. All five of ’em used to live together. In Whitechapel;
4. A couple of them made cameo appearances in Nathan Barley.
5. They used to put on all night warehouse parties – most notably Cazalaid, organised to raise money after ALL their equipment got stolen – in London’s east end. Bloc Party played. It was a great night.
6. They opened for Daft Punk in Japan.

Just wait till Kanye becomes a fan.

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