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Van She x SebastiAn

Hello vintage bloghaus. This is quite a pairing to bring us all back to the ancient bloghaus days. A time when bangers ruled the web and leaked mp3s were scarce and gave power to those blogs that leaked it onto a pre-historic hypem. Do you remember those days? Van She in hand with SebastiAn takes us down nostalgia road with a remix of Van She’s latest single “Idea of Happiness”. It is everything we know and love about how SebastiAn can chop, distort, and compress a tune into its proper banger glory. I’m not mad – u mad?

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Download: Van She – Idea of Happiness (SebastiAn Remix)

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Music Video : SebastiAn – Embody

Oh it feels like the good ol’ bloghaus/electro days. All the blog greats are back at it 🙂

SebastiAn channels his Dam Funk, west coast boogie side with his first single off of “Total” entitled “Embody”.

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Kavinsky “Nightcall” EP + Limited Edition Picture Disc Contest

Kavinsky strikes back this March with his Nightcall EP with quite a star-studded electro cast. His Zombie-self with production duties held by the one and only Guy-Man Homem-Christo and mixing duties by SebastiAn. Also featuring vox from CSS’ Lovefoxxx. Then throw in a mysterious Asian remixer, Dustin Nguyen, the famed actor from 21 Jump Street as well as a 9 min epic remix from the one and only Jackson of Jackson & His Computer Band as well as a smooth night burner of a remix by Breakbot and then BAM – an epic comeback for one of the French Electro royalty. Nothing too banger or absurd – just quality electronic music made by a few Frenchies. Check out the track “Pacific Coast Highway” on Soundcloud.

Limited Edition Picture Disc Contest
Win a copy of the limited 500 pressing Picture Disc of Kavinsky “Nightcall EP” or Pre-order it here. Winner will be picked Friday 3.12.2010!

Contest over!
Simply copy + paste and retweet this:
Kavinsky @deadcruiser “Nightcall” out 3.22.2010 RT to win a Limited Edition Picture Disc via @ASIANDAN & @recordmakers

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SebastiAn – Threnody

SebastiAn strikes back with “Threndoy” off of a limited Xmas present from the Ed Banger family. SebastiAn channels his Schoenberg, Stockhausen and of course Krzysztof Penderecki with this sample of his “Threnody for the Victims of Hiroshima” with an 11 min intro of just rising tones and disjointed cacophany that is a huge fuck you to everyone. Finally it kicks into a usual SebastiAN banger moment for only 2 mins or so but it is oh so good.

SebastiAn – Threnody


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Krazy Baldhead x Vicarious Bliss

Vicarious Bliss showcases the unlike and amazing musically complex side of Ed Banger Records with this symphonic reworking of Krazy Baldhead’s new track “Sweet Night” off The B-Suite, out April 6 on Ed Banger. This track sounds like Sigur Ros/The Album meets Boards of Canada. Krazy Badlhead and Vicarious Bliss are the hidden gems of Ed Banger. 2009 should be an interesting/awesome year for Ed Banger especially with SebastiAn’s LIVE SET debuting this summer!

Krazy Baldhead – Sweet Night (Vicarious Bliss Psychebabble Rework)

DJ Mehdi posted this track on Le Cool Cats Blog.
A few words from Vicarious Bliss on the reworking:
“It’s not really Vicarious Bliss (or is it ?!) but rather just something that I did for fun to mess around with orchestrations and backwards guitars and violins and chocolate muffins and my teddy-bear, with the intention of trying to annoy cousin Babble (it worked, kind of, but we still talk…). Some of you know that I sometimes like to ‘get the f**king violins out’, kind of like on the reworks I’ve done for Cazals on Kitsuné 5 and the second Ladytron ‘Softpower’ remix in the past. So, no, you can’t dance to it. You can’t even tap your toe to it. But that’s not the point. Is it?”

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SebastiAn x Erol Alkan

Simple, Yet Effective. That is what Mr. Alkan does best.

SebastiAn – Momy (Erol Alkan Simple, Yet Effective Edit)

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Asian Dan Presents Plus Move’s “Milli Mini Mix” + Interview

Plus Move has hooked Asian Dan up with an exclusive mix of their favorite songs and a few demo tracks from their upcoming EP entitled Worthy as well as a few of their favorite songs.

Plus Move – Milli Mini Mix

Asian Dan Interviews Plus Move:

1. Who is Plus Move? How would you describe your music?
Plus Move is Paul Mihailoff, Josh Shifrin & Sphinx. Our music was born in the year 2099 as the means and celebration of the victory over BOSS.

2. Who are your influences? What was your first musical memory?
Everything from Lil Wayne to House Of Pain to SebastiAn to Basil Poledouris to The Bloody Beetroots to The Beatles. Our first musical memory is Sesame Street.

3. Who are your favorite DJs/Producers?
Our favorite DJ is Busy P. Our favorite producer is Breakbot.

Continue reading after the jump.
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*NT89’s Exclusive Asian Dan Minimix*

Flyer by Zack of

NT89’s Exclusive Asian Dan Minimix

“A fresh electro piece between Stress and Tsunami which is like a live mash-up. This mix is made with a Pioneer DJM800 and 2 CDJ400, always from Pioneer, no software used.”-NT89

NT89 Myspace

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SebastiAn – Motor

SebastiAn – Motor

“Motor”: basic, excessive, devastating, the definition of what the Ed Banger crew likes to call a “turbine”. As alarming as an over-heating reactor: a bomb has been deposited on the dance floor.

Check out Momy & Army @ Boule A Facettes

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SebastiAn – Motor (Distort Edit)

Here is an edit by our very own Kidz By Colette. Apparently a lot of people are hating on “Motor” but I love it. It reminds me of Neu! on speed, maybe it is just cause of the name and my association with the German Motorik Krautrock style. Either way SebastiAn’s new EP is going to be straight up badass. Rev up your motorcycles!

SebastiAn – Motor (Distort Edit)
Distort Myspace

Off topic: The Gates of Hell discovered!!!

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