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The Album Leaf : Back To the Start

Post-post-rock feels for 2016 c/o The Album Leaf of his upcoming album, Between Waves – out August.


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The Album Leaf – Falling From The Sun

Mr. LaValle returns with another introspective tune that he mixed once again in Iceland. He channels the innocence and purity that the Iceland emits from its steamy hot springs and comes up with “Falling from the Sun”. With heavier glitched out beats than usual and his vocals that he knows are not perfect, he still wins me over. I’m looking forward to “A Chorus of Storytellers” out 2.2.2010

The Album Leaf – Falling From The Sun

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Jonathan Boulet x The Album Leaf

Jonathan Boulet is one of Modular Records newest acts, an Aussie singer/songwriter crafting lovely introspective pop tunes. Jimmy LaValle’s The Album Leaf, one of my favorite acts of the past ten years adds his signature glitched out, swarming synth touch to this already melancholy track. Beautiful. Jonathan Boulet’s album is out 12.4.2009 and The Album Leaf’s new album “A Chorus of Storytellers” is out 2.2.2010, oh joy!

Jonathan Boulet – A Community Service Announcement (The Album Leaf Remix)


Check out the music video for “A Community Service Announcement”, Kanye West approved.

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Krazy Baldhead x Vicarious Bliss

Vicarious Bliss showcases the unlike and amazing musically complex side of Ed Banger Records with this symphonic reworking of Krazy Baldhead’s new track “Sweet Night” off The B-Suite, out April 6 on Ed Banger. This track sounds like Sigur Ros/The Album meets Boards of Canada. Krazy Badlhead and Vicarious Bliss are the hidden gems of Ed Banger. 2009 should be an interesting/awesome year for Ed Banger especially with SebastiAn’s LIVE SET debuting this summer!

Krazy Baldhead – Sweet Night (Vicarious Bliss Psychebabble Rework)

DJ Mehdi posted this track on Le Cool Cats Blog.
A few words from Vicarious Bliss on the reworking:
“It’s not really Vicarious Bliss (or is it ?!) but rather just something that I did for fun to mess around with orchestrations and backwards guitars and violins and chocolate muffins and my teddy-bear, with the intention of trying to annoy cousin Babble (it worked, kind of, but we still talk…). Some of you know that I sometimes like to ‘get the f**king violins out’, kind of like on the reworks I’ve done for Cazals on Kitsuné 5 and the second Ladytron ‘Softpower’ remix in the past. So, no, you can’t dance to it. You can’t even tap your toe to it. But that’s not the point. Is it?”

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Pivot! is the newest addition to the Warp Records family. I feel like they are trying to be the Battles of 2008 (They did open for them in Australia) but I think that is just because of this pic with all their crazy equipment. Their new songs on Myspace remind me of Fugazi covering Warp Records artists.

This is an old track of theirs which has an Album Leaf vibe to it.
Pivot! – Montecore

Pivot! Myspace
Warp Records

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