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PVT – Window

The Warp Records artists formally known as Pivot return with some more math rock goodness with their upcoming album “Church With No Magic”. Fun video and fun tune.

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Pivot is Warp Records new epic addition to their amazing roster. They sound like and epic battle between Tangerine Dream, Russian Circles, Mogwai and Battles. Epic.

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Pivot! is the newest addition to the Warp Records family. I feel like they are trying to be the Battles of 2008 (They did open for them in Australia) but I think that is just because of this pic with all their crazy equipment. Their new songs on Myspace remind me of Fugazi covering Warp Records artists.

This is an old track of theirs which has an Album Leaf vibe to it.
Pivot! – Montecore

Pivot! Myspace
Warp Records

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