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Venetian Snares x John Frusciante

“John Frusciante (Legendary guitarist of the RHCP) & Aaron Funk (Venetian Snares) are joining forces for the first time to bring us a live 303 & 808 analogue show as…SPEED DEALER MOMS” – Bangface Weekender ’09

“All of our tunes are too long to fit on the side of a record or in a myspace player, so you have to imagine what they sound like. That might be better anyways because you could imagine them to sound however you like!” – Speed Dealer Moms

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Cut Copy x Hercules and Love Affair

Photo by KK+

Thanks to the all mighty Pitchfork for hooking everyone up with this great remix of Cut Copy by Hercules and Love Affair. What a great angular bassline. It totally has a 70s No Wave, ESG/James Chance vibe.
Cut Copy – Far Away (Hercules and Love Affair Remix)

Also from the Pitchfork front, Johnny Marr will be making a guest appearance on John Frusciante’s 10th album out 1.20.2009 on Record Collection Music entitled The Empyrean.
John Frusciante x Johnny Marr

Also check Mr. Frusciante’s new blog. Quite a strange but amazing man.
John Frusciante Blog

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Modular Jam 2008: John Frusciante x Venetian Snares x Otto Von Schirach x Cyrusrex + others

Modular Jam 2008 at Cyrusrex’s house aka Geekfest 2008
Does anyone have a recording of this?! I need to hear this. John Frusciante rocking out on a 303!!!

Modular Jam 2008 – 6.10.2008 – Photos

Aaron Funk (Venetian Snares) – TR808 + Pedal FX
Alessandro Cortini (
Nine Inch Nails + Modwheelmood)- Buchla Modular
– Moog Little Phatty + FX Pedals
cEvin Key (
Skinny Puppy)- Tenori-On + Space Echo
– Moog Little Phatty + Frostwave + Various Pedals + Mackie 1604 + Pro Tools
– Moogerfooger FX + Nintendo DS
John Frusciante
(Red Hot Chili Peppers) – DevilFish TB303 + Innerclock Sync Shift
Otto Von Schirach
– TR909 + FX + Cell Phone
– Eurorack Modular and Pedal FX + Mobius

Aaron Fun (Venetian Snares) x John Frusciante

Anthony Kiedis at the Lakers Game last night rocking a Justice shirt, I guess he is a big fan. Oh and the Celtics are going to own the Lakers tomorrow night, sorry Glenjamn. And I know my boy Zack at is pumped for the Celtics. Let’s go Beantown!!

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Wu-Tang Clan x The Bloody Beetroots

Wu-Tang Clan – Stomp (The Bloody Beetroots Remix)

John Frusciante x Method Man x RZA

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Snoop Dogg is a Rock Star.

Snoop is the man. Chromeo would be proud of this track with the ill talkbox/vocoder. What a good vid.

Snoop Dogg – Sexual Eruption

Wu-Tang Clan x John Frusciante x Erykah Bahdu x Dhani Harrison
Wu-Tang Clan – The Heart Gently Weeps

Red Hot Chili Peppers x Snoop Dogg

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Wu-Tang Clan & John Frusciante


Wu-Tang Clan – The Sweet Spot



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Risky Business: Tangerine Dream

The score for Risky Business is 80s epic synth greatness courtesy of Mr. Edgar Froese & Tangerine Dream. This is Tangerine Dream’s most commercial movie score for they have scored over sixty-five other films as well as released over a hundred albums.

Here is my favorite track off the soundtrack, very Steve Reich:
Tangerine Dream – Love On A Real Train

These are some Tangerine Dream-esque sounding tracks. John Frusciante said that this song is directly influenced by Edgar Froese’s solo album, Epsilon In Malaysian Pale.
John Frusciante – 23 Go Into End

Guy-Man from Daft Punk helped produce this track
Sebastien Tellier – Sexual Sportswear

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David Gahan & John Frusciante

David Gahan – Saw Someting

John Frusciante makes an appearance on David Gahan’s new solo album, Hourglass. A great guitar solo and some interesting moduluar synth work by Mr. Frusciante.

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George is my favorite Beatle.


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