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Live @ Le Mouv: Phoenix – 1901 (Acoustic)

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Live on SNL: Phoenix – Listzomania & 1901

Phoenix was amazing on SNL last night. They got to play 3 songs too! Phoenix is definitely trying hard to win over the American market. The drummer is such a beast.

Also sorry all you international readers, HULU can only be streamed in Uhmerica. U-S-A!

UPDATE: For all you international readers check out the performances on Youtube after the jump. Thanks @samisateenager

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Live: Depeche Mode – Come Back

An epic slowburner from the upcoming Depeche Mode album, Sounds of the Universe. I like this a lot more than “Wrong”.

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Live Video: Ratatat @ Nouveau Casino – Paris – 11.24.2008

Witness the epic sound of the apocalypse brought to you by the bodacious duo, Ratatat \m/


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Venetian Snares x John Frusciante

“John Frusciante (Legendary guitarist of the RHCP) & Aaron Funk (Venetian Snares) are joining forces for the first time to bring us a live 303 & 808 analogue show as…SPEED DEALER MOMS” – Bangface Weekender ’09

“All of our tunes are too long to fit on the side of a record or in a myspace player, so you have to imagine what they sound like. That might be better anyways because you could imagine them to sound however you like!” – Speed Dealer Moms

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The Virgins x The Twelves

The Virgins – Rich Girls (The Twelves Remix)

The Virgins Myspace

Here is an interesting site that has the stems of “Rich Girls”. This beta version of U-Myx is like a mobile Ableton so you can make bangers anywhere and anytime online! Crazy!

Remix The Virgins’ “Rich Girls”

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Music Video: Cazals – Time of Our Lives

Aw. What a sentimental/epic video. Good guys, good band.

Check out other Asian Dan x Cazals related posts.

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Late of the Pier – Live @ Paradiso – Amsterdam – 7.6.2008

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So the Justice boys posted this Myspace bulletin:


We’re currently working on the booklet for our next release,
A CROSS THE UNIVERSE (documentary + live) and would like it to be made only of images provided by fans (though if you hate justice but have good material it’s OK).

Any fun (or dramatic) picture, image, or art related to justice ?
Please send them to

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Cazals x Daft Punk

Daniel from Cazals sent me this cover of Digital Love that they played live on Radio 1 for the BBC a few years ago. Daniel feels it is a weak cover but I think that it is a great “rock” cover of this tune. They even nail the raging guitar solo at the end. Goes to show you how well Daft Punk’s songwriting is and that their music translates well into any genre. God bless Daft Punk.

Cazals – Digital Love (Live on Radio 1)

Cazals are making their live US debut tonight in NYC. Unfortunately I will not be there 🙁 But stay tuned for some Asian Dan Coverage of the show 🙂

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